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Looking at BETA-7


I read a lot on this BETA-7 stuff sold here on T-Nation. It sounds like a win-win situation. The only thing I'm concerned about is this...

Says it burns body fat and that it lets you train longer to burn more calories. I want to bulk so will this halt my bulk if I use it?

I do notice that it increases lean body mass and what not...


In all honesty you don’t have a need for BETA-7. You are 165 at 6’; if I were you I would spend the money on Metabolic Drive and good quality food. It just isn’t a worth while investment at this time, you would get far more out of eating a lot of high quality food and training hard.

You are a beginner,
and the rest will take care of itself.


I genuinely thank you for that response. If you think it would be a waste of time for me, then that’s money saved. So, I’d be ok taking protein and creatine then??


You don’t even need creatine to be honest.

I would echo what Zagman is saying. FOOD is the key. Minimum of 6 protein meals a day, don’t be afraid of the hearty stuff like beef, pasta, burgers, and fried chicken.

Use the protein after your workouts or as a quick meal if you need to.


Alright. I try to get the meals with protein but it’s hard sometime. I’m in highschool and they are bitches about food in school unless it’s lunch. What do you suggest for lunch? I have 40 minute lunch, it turns into a 30 minute lunch by the time I get to my house… Any suggestions?


This is what worked for me when I first started:

Meal 1 - Meat + carbs (eg. 4 eggs, 3 toast)
Meal 2 - Meat sandwich
Meal 3 - protein shake
Meal 4 - Meat + carbs (eg. steak and pasta)
Meal 5 - Meat sandwich
Meal 6 - protein shake

If I was lacking in calories by the end of the day, i had two poptarts and a big glass of milk.


I had that problem in H.S. too. But they can’t stop you from storing food like nuts, tuna packets and a PB sandwich in your locker or backpack and eating real quick between classes :wink:


Alright, I’ll do that. Thanks guys.


Ok so I need some more help. Supplements are out of the question. I don’t have enough money for any, but I want the best results possible from me bustin’ my ass in the gym. What’s the best thing to eat after a workout session for the most protein absorption?


75-100 grams of whey protein mixed with some kind of carbs. (eg: milk, orange juice, grapefruit juice, gatorade, etc…)

What is “best” doesn’t matter as much as what can you consistently get down and what can you afford.

I just use milk.


I’m trying to say, I can’t get protein shakes. My only help is food, give me ideas with food.


Honestly, just eat any meal thats high in protein + carbs and low in fat. Fast-acting protein and carbs is best, and there’s a reason why drinks like Surge have been engineered. But people got big and lean from whole food long before any of that existed.


Grilled chicken and orange juice.

egg whites and skim milk.

Tuna and gatorade.

Turkey slathered with sugar, i don’t know man!!

Take this to heart: IT DOESN’T REALLY MATTER

The equation for getting big goes like this:

Incremental gains in bodyweight + progressively heavier weights repped to failure for each muscle group + lots of protein = you on the way to being huge.

Like I said above, what is “perfect” doesn’t matter nearly as much as what you enjoy doing, and can do consistently that lets you fulfill the criteria in that equation.