Looking At A New Workout Plan

I’ve been “lurking” here for a while, just reading all the info as I just got into weights, but I’ve been interested with “getting into shape” for 2 years now

Anyway, I’m 17, I’m 5’10 and I weight 128-130 pounds

I play three sports
Fall- Cross Country (right now)
2 weeks in between
Winter- Cross Country Skiing
5 weeks in between
Spring- Track (Pole Vault)

Anyway I have some basic ideas on my workout plan but it’s in no way complete. My goal is to increase my pole vault height and my muscular enduarance for skiing

I have at my disposal:
1 weight bench with 180 pounds of weight
1 6’ bar (standard) and an EZ curl bar
2 dumbells
a rowing machine
a treadmill

Basically my goal is to get better at my sports, but mostly my pole vault

My plan looks something like this

Lift every other day, going for 4-5 reps at max weight possible (this is more for pole vaulting)

On the other days, bodyweight exercises like

dive bombers (modified pushups)

back bridging and abs done every day

My cardio is taken care of because I run for all those sports, it’s more the strength i need. We do our pullups/abs every other day for skiing so weights on the days I’m not doing those seem like a good idea)

sorry for the long post, help appreciated