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Looking At 2 Supplements

Hey all, i joined here a long time ago, then i just decided to post here with advice.

Background, im 18 years old, i live in Canada, i play rugby when i can, im about 5’8, 170 lbs, im a chubby kid, most of my strength comes from my lower body. I wont say im weak, etc but thats a different story.

ive been doing a lot of cardio for a long time, and i find that im having troubles getting rid of some body fat

sopmeone said for me to take L-carnitine and REDLINE along with a special diet plan.

im wondering, is anyone here experienced with these? are they legal or available in Canada? if they arent legal, what punishment would i get if somenoe catches me using it. etc etc. if anyone has any other info please post it up



one gram of L-carnitine 2x daily will help you with your fat loss. Carnitine is responsible for shuttling fatty acid across your mitochondrial membrane so they can be used as energy. If you aren’t taking Low-Carb Grow! and Surge you should start with those. If you already are and have the cash you should consider HOT-ROX. Weight training wise check out EDT or Meltdown Training. Nutrition = T-dawg Diet 2.0, Anabolic Diet, V-Diet (If you want to go there).

mroussell, I hope you’ll forgive me for taking a different position on the topic, but I haven’t found L-Carnitine to be helpful in weight/fat loss.

Carnitine is abundant in red meat and dairy, and it can also be synthesized by the body. If you eat red meat and dairy and don’t have a genetic defect in amino acid metabolism, it’s unlikely to help with weight/fat loss. That’s not to say that there aren’t some interesting therapeutic uses/applications for carnitine. It’s been studied for use in people with high cholesterol, intermittent claudication, congestive heart failure and heart disease. But as a weight/fat loss aid, carnitine gets a D- in my book.

Aaron, honestly, I think your time and money would be better spent optimizing your diet and post-workout nutrition. There’s a wealth of information here on the site, both on the forums and in the articles that have been archived back over 5 years. Jump in, and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!