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Lookin' for Some Opinions on This

Just want to know what you guys think…
My pre-training meal is my breakfast, which I finish around an hour or 90 mins before I begin lifting. My sessions last 1hr, with 20mins moderate cardio after and a 15 minute walk to the gym and back to my flat.

So far I’m currently eating;

  • 4 egg whites with 2 egg yolks, scrambled
  • 2 slices wholemeal toast
  • Half cup oats with Handful mixed nuts and raisins
  • Banana
  • Small Apple

That works out at around 680 calories, about 35g protein. I’m just wondering if maybe with the egg yolks and nuts it might make it a little too high in fat, albeit healthy fats. I used to eat all this without the nut/ raisin mix and drink a gatorade with my workout instead (which would add up to 700 cals,) but drinking it sometimes left me feeling a bit funny, so I’ve decided not to anymore.

Also, would this likely be enough to get me through all the activity I plan to do within the 2 hours after I finish eating it?

Thanks for any input fellas.

protein is kinda low… don’t count calories. Also what is your height/weight? This really is a goal issue as well.

Depends on the type and intensity of your training session i.e. Maximal strength, Dynamic, etc. That said this doesn’t look to bad.
I don’t like to eat before training so my Pre-workout meal consists of 1.5 scoop whey isolate, 1 scoop Anatrop mixed with water. During workout 1 scoop Anatrop with water. Post-workout 2 scoops whey isolate, 1 scoop Anatrop, 1 scoop Creatine.

[quote]xanax wrote:
protein is kinda low… don’t count calories. Also what is your height/weight? This really is a goal issue as well. [/quote]

Looking to gain weight- 5ft 11 and around 133lbs. I like to keep training as intense as possible and usually am pretty done in by the end of my sessions- I try to push myself

If you’re 133lbs don’t worry about little things, just train and eat :wink:

That said, the breakfast looks ok :wink:

aim for 6 meals a day, with around 45 grams protein per. Right now you want to be eating a lot. 45 g per meal would equal to around 2g protein per pound weight. Enjoy and bulk. Whats your training like?

Why egg whites??? Most of the good stuff is in the yolk. 5’ 11" and 133 lbs. ???


Pre-WO is important, but I started noticing a real difference when I fixed my post-WO nutrition. Be shure to get at least 0,8 grams of carbs (glucose or maltodextrine) and 0,4 grams of protein (preferably whey idrolisate) per kg of bw right after training (in the locker room), and another serving 30-60 mins later.

EDIT: of course, your overall diet should be good, otherwise you’ll be pissing against the wind!

At 5’11" and 133 lbs, I personally would say you dont need to worry about counting what exactly you’re eating, just get stuff down all day.

Since your goal is to gain weight, there is an extremely easy remedy… Eat whatever the hell you want, when you want. Don’t let these articles fool you into thinking you have to eat all of these certain clean foods, thats for certain types of people… you’re 5’11" and 133 lbs, trust me when I say eat whatever the hell you want. Get to a weight you’re happy with, then clean up your diet.

A couple easy things I’ve done/do to help put on weight are to drink a gallon of milk a day, take spoonfuls of straight olive oil, and eat when I can. The gallon of milk is actually really easy to do, just spread it out from when you wake up to when you go to bed.

Otherwise, just train hard, get 8-10 hrs of quality sleep every night, train your legs hard and often, stay away from soy products, and eat. Keep it simple, don’t make this shit more complicated than it is.

Best of luck!

Nobody can just tell you how many calories you will have burned by the time you get back to your flat. But at 5’11" and 133 lbs it’s a pretty good bet you have a fast metabolism. You probably have burned 680 calories since midnight by the time you even begin to eat breakfast. So you’re probably in a deficit in your workout. Not good for gaining muscle.

You do not need to worry about the fat in your breakfast. It might be good to add some to bring the calories up more easily.

What exactly do you mean by feeling funny with Gatorade? You really need something during and immediately after your workout. Also, assuming you want to gain muscle, I would drop the 20 minutes of cardio after lifting. The 30 minutes of walking to and from the gym should be fine as long as you eat sufficiently.