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Lookin for Critique By the Bigger Boys

Hey guys while I"m here with the stomach flu and a loss of 12lbs overnight (how’s that for cutting :wink: lol
Was wondering if some of the bigger guys on here could critque my plan of attack regarding food…I am looking to get bigger…shooting for 1/2-1.lb a week. Doing muay thai training on non-lifting days, looks like 1/2lb is more realistic but anyways didn’t wanna post this in the nutrition forum though because don’t know if you guys lurk over there and would like responses from guys on this thread.

I’m also lookin not for a clean bulk or whatever the hell that is…but not looking to gain huge amount of fat durin the bulk…I know I can overeat/add too much to fast and see a little extra bodyfat than I would normally have (I’m naturally fairly lean, nothin freaky though or anythin) alright would love all suggestions!
Goal is 4000cals a day, with 250g’s of protein a day. So that’s bout 42g’s of protein per each meal, and 650 cals at each meal x 6 meals.

Meal 1: Breakfast
5-6 eggs scrambled (whole eggs)
2 pieces of cinnamon toast (200cals) with butter and cheddar cheese (120cals)
1 banana
1 protein shake
total: 1000cals.

Meal 2: either 2 tuna sandwhiches or roast beef with apple
600 cals

Meal 3: Whole Wheat Pasta + 2 chicken breasts + some brocolli (handful)

After work/before training
Meal 4: Protein shake+ milk + almonds 50g’s

WORKOUT - BCAA’s 20-30g’s

Post workout: 2 scoops protein + creatine + gatorade powder.

Post workout meal: 2 chicken breats or ground beef or any type of meat + rice or pasta or potatoes + green +yellow beans (handful)

Before bed: cottage cheese + half banana.

So that’s how it’s planned out…some meals will have more cals than others etc. but the basic premise is 4000 cals.

Was wondering if I should add somethin, take somethin out? Maybe include oatmeal or yeah?
Tryin to eat fairly clean/healthy as I just feel better and my mom hates if I go out n eat…it’s all junk to her! lol
Thanks boys