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Lookin For Advice

I am 21, have been working out off and on since I was 15. My freshman year at college there was no gym time, only happy hour.

The beginning of sophomore year i began to hit the gym hard and quickly regained a large amount of muscle. Took the summer off, once again getting wasted. Came back Junior year and have been hitting the gym about 4 days a week.

I am 6’1 about 195lbs. And for some reason i cant seem to get my arms to grow any bigger, even though i have been working the crap out of my triceps, biceps, forearms, and shoulders. My arms are about 15" on the bicep.

I am taking NOX-CG3 as well as two other XYIENCE products, Natural Growth Factor and Xtreme Testosterone (all herbal supplements). I have tried many different routines that i have found in mens health and muscle and fitness. They worked for a while and i did increase my size, however it is not enough.

I have been trying to eat as much as possible recently (and believe me I eat right, my mother is a nutritionist and personal trainer). any suggestions how to make my arms as thick as possible, my chest is already huge/ just need some bigger cannons.

my suggestion. Screw the supps, most of those sound like junk. Stop working arms. I’m serious. Just give them a break for maybe a month. Do some heavy deadlifts and oly lifts but no curls or anything. After that month come back and hit curls twice a week for maybe 25 reps total on each of those two days hitting them from different angle. For triceps, try some weighted dips one day and tricep press or close grip bench the other days. No more than that.
But then again I’m not a body builder. Still my suggestion though and what you’re doing obviously isn’t getting it done.

I would go further and say ‘Stop training arms, full stop.’ Surely all t-nationers would agree that the most important factor when it comes to inducing growth (leaving proper nutrition aside) is the amount of weight lifted. You’ll lift vastly more weight on a close-grip bench press than you will doing skull crushers, for example, so even though your chest and shoulders are performing some of the work it’s a more effective lift. The same goes for bb curls vs weighted chins, or whatever.
I belivee Mike Robertson wrote a ‘No-curl arm program’ a while back which explains this concept fully.
But of course I’m not a bodybuilder either.

Yeah, whether or not you need to stop working arms is a big debate around these parts lately.

However, it is very possible that your body won’t grow your arms because of it’s own safety mechanisms. For example, if your arms get very powerful, but your back and core are weak, you won’t be able to “handle” working with more weight… so to speak.

Do you do deadlifts? Are you squatting? Howabout them chinups? Rowing?

Personally, my arms were stuck for a while, and it seemed to be because of my shoulders, because when I added in some shoulder work, my arms started to grow like weeds for a while.

So, do an assessment and figure out if you have been neglecting something.

Im not saying my arms are huge but many people have asked me how to get their arms to look like mine. They get very surprised when I tell them my main routine. I do very little direct arm work. Tris= 3 sets close grip bench,3 sets wieghted dips and then maybe 2 sets of direct tri work. Bis forearms= heavy deads, 3 sets weighted chins, 3 sets heavy rows and a couple of sets of barbell curls. Key is to do heavy compound movements and then finish with a couple of sets of direct work.
This worked for me.