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follow me--------------->

-> down here

->keep going

-> Almost there!

<----------- Look at that mans freaking BACK!!!

Vegita ~ Prince of all Sayajins

I don’t have his book in front of me but I remember him saying his back used to be one of his weak points. Then about three years of bent-over-rows later and . . . well, just look. I’ll be doing bent-over-rows in an hour or so.


His lower lats is what gets me.

His training partner was Franco Columbu, a freak in his own right.

I disagree.

I do have to say that her ASS looks incredible though.


Bastard F*ck Guy

UPDATE 2004Nov18:
please put her ass back up there

I think Vegita should win the “most creative post of the day” smiley-face sticker.

If you can do this with dashes and the enter-key, I shudder to think what genius will be exposed if you ever started finger-painting.

It’s my life’s dream to have a christmas tree like that.

Haha! Very clever Vegita. More proof that the saiyan race is far superior to the people of earth.

By the way, I think I saw Majin Buu on these boards, lets go kick his ass!

Bring it .