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look what Jenny Craig did for me!

Well I read about the BodyGem/MedGem and being a tech-nerd I just had to try it out. My RMR after 2.5 weeks of >20g carbs is 1850. Far less than my estimates have shown. I feel more comfortable with this estimate than my own.

Prices here widely vary. I called Health South and they wanted me to purchase some 100.00 software! I told her that I’m not trying to pay for the BodyGem for them! She promptly told me that I would not know what to do with the info (lol) After I explained to her (that I read T-mag)and am not one of the sheep out there that she can just rope into a 150.00 sale she told me that they would do the test for 65.00 and I get a free BF% test ( value 5.00!? Her estimate not mine) I called Jenny Craig and they did it for 49.00 ( no tax) and took me right away. So for those of you in the Fort Collins CO area that want to do the BodyGem test check em out. She seems to be real bored in there :slight_smile:


Hey Flounder, I know that at my gym in Denver they do it also, but I am not sure how much it costs. Since you are in Fort Collins, where do you work out? I work out at the CSU Rec, but I really want to find and “Iron Pit” type of place. Any suggestions? Jeff


I work out at The Pulse. I can tell you that they have a ton of free weights. I can’t qualify it as a Muscle Pit becuse I purposely go on the off hours so I can do what I like when I like. However, they do have a platform for Olympic lifts and 4 squat racks. They have at least 2 full sets of dumbells that go up in 2.5 pound increments up to 150 lbs. The Free weight area ( as it should be) is approx. 2 times larger than the machine area. I heard a place called The Gym was something like you are talking about. If it were me tho, I would stay at CSU since they have a nice facility and at my gym it’s about $50.00 a month ( depending on the specials they are running)

And finally, I’m hardly a muscle head. I just started to get serious about 6 months ago and still have lots to learn. I recently changed my name to Flounder (thanks Monty Ritchie!) from Newbie so that should tell you alot right there. :slight_smile:


Flounder, sorry to hear about your experience with HealthSouth. Mine was such a positive experience. The guy that tested me had his masters in exercise physiology and spent a good hour with me, talking about weight loss. He really knew his stuff and was extremely caring, helpful and supportive. It was worth more than $50 I paid, in my book. And the good news is that re-tests are only $30.

What a shame. You’d think a national organization as big as HealthSouth would at least have standard pricing.

Flounder- CSU does have a great weight room for a University. I just get tired of the crowds and the “squat rack curlers.” It has been worse lately because the rec has only been open for 6 hours a day during break. Once I get into my normal routine, working out early in the morning, it won’t be so bad. Glad to hear that you are advancing well. I consider myself a beginner, as I have had trouble with consistency. Later- Jeff