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Look What I Just Got!

Just went by the rock yard(anybody in Pensacola area looking for stones, this is awesome) and got a 180 lb stone for carries(not done any carries so this will get my feet wet and can always get a bigger one when I get better) and got a 17-18 lb stone for the open stone put and a 27-28 lb stone for braemar stone so I can do HG training on my off days(I figure a few throws of each and my sheaf toss, followed by a few 1 min carries w/ 180 lb stone wouldn’t be sufficient volume to get in the way of my recovery).

Also, for those of you who do HG, do you throw both sides or just your main side? I know pitchers & QB’s don’t practice their non dominant arms but not sure if I’d get too much of an imbalance if I just throw my dominant side.

Where in Pensacola is the rock yard? There’s a guy up in Milton who makes atlas stones for like 40-60 bucks a pop from 135 up to 225lbs. Dude won’t answer my calls though. Hahah

Rock yard is in the northbound lane of hwy 29 just past 9 mile rd. If you are talking about who I think you are he is actually one of the guys who got me started in strongman. He is the co-chair of the Florida chalter of na strongman