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Look Strong, Be Strong


Warning: This log will be a jumbled mess of training, chatter and whatever music comes to mind.

So, I've been roaming around on T-Nation for a few years absorbing training information and checking out the T-vixens (not necessarily in that order).

I doubt there will be much traffic but it only seems right to have a log so people can visit, point and laugh, give a pat on the back or perhaps give the finger (well, not too much of that I hope...I'm sensitive).

Age: 44
Weight: 195
Squat: 335
Bench: 215
Dead: 415
Wives: 1
Kids: 2

I've "trained" off an on for years but have been most focused over the past 3 or so. I was about 165 so I've made some modest gains. My biggest issue for strength / muscle gains is diet and appetite.

I had no particular strength bias until that past few years. I have short-term targets to raise all lifts by about 25lbs and then take it from there.

I haven't BB benched in about 20 years due to an old injury. But, things feel good so I'm going to cautiously push it.

And yes, before the cannibals come out of the woodwork, I've been using 5/3/1 for a couple of months.

JoeGood and I can hang out in here and talk about chicks...we seem to think alike.


another geezer in group! you'll fit in just fine 'cause you're just sayin' what we're thinkin'...


Great idea dude, one thing I want to know is that if we are about the same weight, age, and our lifts are really close(except for squat where you destroy me) then why is your back so much more jacked than mine?

Damn you.


Hmmm...re: back deads are relatively new for me. Most of my back stuff has been the traditional BB row (275 for kinda loose reps), t-bar (6 plates), pulldown, pullup (although I fucked up my elbow doing weighted pullups/chins which really hampered things a couple of years ago) cable row (tried a cool variation today that worked well) etc. But, without DLs my lower back strength sucked so they have been a great addition.

Within the 5/3/1 framework, if I wanted to bring my back up I would probably add back-specific movements on bench day to get more volume through the week.

I have noticed that our numbers are close. Might be a chance for some friendly competition :). We have to make a deal not to get stupid and get hurt...cause I'm stupid like that.


Thanks 'dog. I've been following your log. nice work.


Only 1 wife? You're no fun.

Yeah, nice back.

I'll be interested to see how your bench goes since you've had such a long hiatus.


Today's training.
Lower back was feeling beat up from laying sod on the weekend. A crappy task. But there is beer so it's a +/- thing.

DLs 5/3/1
365x5 (grip...need to get some chalk. Might have had 2 more but probably should have stopped there anyway)

Cable row
3 x 8-10 reps
Tried a straight-bar, underhand grip, kept back at about a 30-45 degree angle leaning back. Think Yates Row...only sitting with cables. It's a short ROM but felt great lat recruitment.

Lat pulldown (haven't done these for a couple months)
3 x 10. Light weight just using the bottom 1/2 of the movement.

Low back was cooked so just did some other assistance / back stuff that gave it a rest.


Well, let's just say only 1 at a time. 2nd time's a charm, or something like that. Celebrated 10 years a couple weeks ago.


Happy anniversary. Does your wife train?

Jeez, I'm closing in on 22 years. Long time.


Oh, and any music I post may or may not be training related. Actually it will be all over the map. Feel free to skip.

I checked my iTunes and, based on that, it seems i've become a bit of a hooligan and a worshipper of the dark side. Not sure that would go over so well so I'll tone it down a bit. Plus the videos for some creep me out so we'll see.


Thanks. I believe the traditional gift is tin. We put a new deck on the house instead.
She "works out" on occasion but training would be a stretch. She's 5'7" about 130 and certainly fit for her 42 yrs. A beautiful woman.

I have been tempted in the past to get her to up the intensity but that is not her thing. Yoga is more her speed with some weights mixed in here and there.

I have plans to put a gym (power rack etc.) in a new building I just had built. It's about 14'x28'...half storage, half gym.

edit: forgot to say congrats on the 22. That is a long time.


Wolfmother rocks, so does radiohead. Except the lead singer from Wolfmother has that Carrot-Top look going on, so its hard to take him too seriously.

Welcome aboard.


You are old. And kind of ugly. For serious.

Congratulations on the 10 years. It is a traditional deck anniversary. Where are you in NS?

I'm glad you started a log. I'll be watching :slight_smile:


Lol, yeah he's not a pretty man but looks like he has a good time.

And, awesome job on the 3/4/5! That is a long-term goal of mine. A loooonng way out I suspect.


Ha, you're saucy and I like it. I'm a few minutes outside Halifax.

Speaking of funny, we had talked about our anniversary a couple of weeks prior. Then the day came and we both completely forgot. I felt bad but we both laughed about it. If it's not in my Blackberry it doesn't happen. Old brain needs electronic aids.


Well, well, well. Look who is logging. The mystery that is giterdone will be revealed!


Uh oh...why am I suddenly nervous? Cute ladies do that to me I guess.

The Metric lead reminds me of you...might be the legs, might be the attitude.


I'll definitely take that. She's a hottie.


As I like to say to my wife 'One of you is hard enough. There is no way on God's Green Earth that I want to deal with 2 of you in my life!!!!'


That sounds like my wife.
If the topic of being on her own ever comes up she says there is no way she would re-marry. Not sure if that means I'm irreplaceable or men are such a lot of work that she wouldn't go through it again. I'm pretty sure it is door #2.