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Look Over This Bulking Diet


Could you guys have a look over these numbers for me, its my current bulk diet

Height 6ft
Weight 204lbs
Age 25
Total calories 3215
Fats 84g
Carbs (timed around workout) 120g
Protein 380g

I've restrict my carbs as I gain fat easy. I haven't gained any weight over the last 3 weeks so I'm thinking more cals and see what happens! Where should the extra calories come from as I'm feeling full pretty much all day! I try and space my eating out over 6 meals with protein included in everyone then fats and carbs kept separate.

Cheers for looking.


I count 2756 calories according to your fat/carb/protein.


If this was a cutting diet I would score it a 7 or 8. As far as a bulk goes I would score it a 2 at best.
* to much protein...even at 300g, your needs will be met and then some. No more than 100g from powder.
* not enough carbohydrate for a bulk. IMO...never below 1g per pound of bodyweight on a bulk, more on serious training days. I know guys that go up to 3g per pound.
* 80g of fats a day is absolute rock bottom on a bulk.

How many grams of fiber per day? Do you count the carbohydrates from vegetables?


Even for people who dont handle them too well? And would you still split them around breakfast and workout?

15g of fiber, i guess alot of that comes from oatmeal. And no dont count carbs from fruit and salad

Would it help to post my actual diet?


Would probably help to know more about background (what your training looks like, how long you've been training, what sort of weights you're moving).


Well i been training for 2 years but for the first year and a half i was training towards power lifting, trying to increase my max lifts! Then i went away to Australia for a month and have been home since Christmas where i started my bulk and have geared my training towards bodybuilding.

I train shoulders monday, legs tuesday, chest thursday and back saturday. Im following Mike Robinsons core program too which is over these 4 days. For the first 6 weeks a started off training in the 6 rep range for 4 sets with maybe 3-4 excercises increasing each week by one rep. After the 6 weeks i dropped the reps back down to 6 and increased the weight.


These are blanket statements that aren't applicable to every one. I know you said "IMO" but you can't make those assumptions w/ what little info was given...


Sounds like you can be eating more. I consume more than you currently are and Im a 125 lb. female. I agree that you could drop the protein a bit and increase carbs, especially around your workouts. I also think clean fats can be increased. Everyone is different but I have found keeping my own around 100 keeps me growing. And once again, Im a small female. But if you are not gaining, eat more. Throwing in an extra cheat meal or two per week may help as well.


380g of protein is much more than needed. How exactly do you plan on eating 380 g of protein? When your other numbers are so low? (without 10 scoops of powder a day)


Yea I guess quite abit of protein is coming from shakes that I drink between main meals at 10 and 3. Then my pre workout is oats and whey then post workout is also whey!! I guess its just overkill. I could throw a pizza in my diet and add 1000cal but I'm trying to do it clean.

I'll jack up my carbs pre and post workout then and try and add in some good fats throughout the day


Eat some beef!


There is no advice that would be apply to every individual. There are however, 'rules of thumb' that were passed down to me by the older lifters I trained with when I started in 1986. Since that time we certainly have increased our understanding of the training/nutrition response and it would be misleading to imply my methods haven't evolved since then. Inspite of this perpetual advancement in knowledge, these guidelines have held up very well and I find they still do indeed apply to the largest percentage of lifters. I would prefer to 'place my bets' where the odds are in my favor and I stand behind every suggestion I made. You will have a hard time finding anyone who has added 30lbs or more of new LBM after their 25th birthday without the use of 'advanced supplements' whose suggestions would be far from mine.


Any extra advice from the info I've added?

Thanks for taking the time to reply


Wow that piece of advice is worth its weight in gold.....



Yah, I see where you're coming from. I didn't mean to come off like a dick I was just saying...


Well, what is your 'revised' plan?


Ok well

7 whole eggs scrambled 30g cheese + 100g oats with blueberries and strawberries, milk

Snack protein shake + tablespoon macadamia nut oil

Lunch 250g of chicken in marinade along with mixed salad and french dressing

Snack protein shake + tablespoon macadamia nut oil

pre workout 100g oats and whey + coconut oil

post workout shake

Last meal of day 250g of chicken and large sweet potato

3320 cals
Protein: 362
carbs: 192
fats: 127

I no it seems alot of protein shakes but its hard at work to have an actual meal and they seem like an ok alternative.


It is.


....it's weight in LBM is more like it!


Missed this part... You do not 'gain fat easy' if you maintain weight ~3000 cals.

When it comes down to it, YOU have to see how YOUR body responds to these foods/macros/calories.... Your plan looks fine but you'll have to tweek it in the end.