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Look Over My Regimen

Alright, I’ve been lifting for a while, and I’ve been pretty happy with my gains in the past 10 months. I built my own training regimen out of things that seem to have worked for me, but I am concerned that I may be overtraining or that maybe I could experience better gains with the help of some advice from the forum. Anyway, stats:

Age: 20
Height: 5’9"
Weight: 193
Body fat: ~9-10%

My training split is chest/back, bi/tri, shoulder, leg, with abs every day. I use a modified pyramid, so instead of 10-8-6 reps I do 8-6-4. To make up for lost reps, I do double sets (8-8-6-6-4-4). I apply this to pretty much every exercise. This seems to have worked pretty well, 20 lbs since July 06, but I’m in the gym for a while and like I said, am concerned that overtraining my be hurting me. I’ve been taking creatine in the form of Size-On, and a synthesized protein. I eat well and avoid fats.

Any thoughts?

Why do you avoid fats?

Good fats + hard work = big muscles

Why do you train your abs every day, when you don’t train the biceps every day? Or the back every day? Isn’t the abs a muscle just like all the other muscles?

I’ve tried training the abs like every other muscle, but I’ve gotten the best results from cranking on them every day, with high rep (i.e. 200 crunches or 100 leg raises). And I just mean I avoid fatty foods that have a lot of calories from fat, like whole milk.

If you think I’m on the wrong track with that, let me know.

Don’t avoid fats, they serve a purpose just like everything else does. What you should avoid is grease and eating too many sweets.

In training you are doing too much with one exercise. Go 12-8-6-4 or something, but 6 sets is a bit too much volume if you have other exercises for that muscle. Usually 2-3 sets is enough to get yourself ready for the heaviest one. When your top weight goes to 8-10 you up it.