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Look Over My Hybrid Program?


Hey all.

After training for hypertrophy for most of this year so far I have decided to go back to hybrid training to keep both strength and size in the mix. Here is what I have come up with.

Power cleans: 3x5
Deadlift: 5x2 @ 90%
Hamstring Curls: 2x15
T-Bar Rows: 2x15
Rear Cable Delts: 2x15
Leg Raises: 2x15

Tuesday-(Bench Press/Chest)
Cable Crossovers: 2x15 (very light, just to stretch the chest)
Bench Press: 5x2 @ 90%
Dumbbell Incline Press: 2x10
Dips: 2x10
High Incline Chest Flies: 2x10
Triceps Pushdowns: 3x10
Standing Rope Triceps Extensions: 3x10

Squats: 5x2 @90%
Leg Press: 3x10
Leg Raises: 3x10
Ab Machine: 3x10

Face Pulls: 3x10
Overhead Press: 2x5
Barbell Rows: 3x5
Pull Ups: 3x10
One Arm Dumbbell Rows: 3x10
Lateral Raises: 3x10

The idea is to use progressive overload every time I hit all the reps and sets on the main lifts by 2.5kgs at a time.

Most of the assistance work is to support the main lifts and also to get bigger. I was originally going to have this as a 3 day program but decided on a 4th day to keep the overhead press in and to allow a lot of back training as a big strong back will be very essential to increasing the main lifts.

My goal is to get to a 200kg Squat/Deaflift by the end of the year. I am currently at a 165kg Squat 1RM and My Deadlift was 160 last time I tested it.
My bench max has been stuck at 100kgs for quite some time and I am hoping the large amount of volume I have put in the chest day will help it to grow bigger and stronger.

I have added some abs isolation on Deadlift day and Squat day as I feel my abs are the weak link on these lifts and in all of my training until now I have never isolated them much.

My main questions are:
Is there enough volume in this program for the strength portion of it, and is 2 reps at a time too few? Would I be better off decreasing the intensity and doing 3-4 reps for the same amount of sets?

You will notice I am doing all my pushing on the Bench Press day and all of my Pull work on the back day. Am I better off splitting the 2 so that I have push/pull twice a week instead?



What is your reasoning behind the 3x10, 2x15 on Monday, etc.


My hamstrings are a little tight so I thought doing more reps on them may help stretch them a bit. I also thought doing Cable Delts for 15 reps would help with tharasic? extension.
As for my abs it made sense to me to train them with lower intensity on one of the 2 days where I am training them.

But any input is appreciated.

I was also looking into strong lifts 5x5 and adding in some hamstring/abs isolation but in the article he says that if you can already Squat 140kg that you are too strong for the program. :confused: This made little sense to me as it still used progressive overload.