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look out T men

Hey do we have any T MEN living near Abilene Texas? If so, where do you work out, I am new to area.

Are you the same guy who asked this question before? If not, here’s my response to another guy who asked the same Q:

I live near Abilene and have trained in all three of its major gyms.
Here’s my take:

Powershack- Oldest gym in town. More of a hardcore, old school crowd. Some of the equipment is a little dated and it's kind of grungy, but a good place. Has a pool too.

Gold's: Typical modern fitness center. Lots of Hammer Strength stuff. It's okay.

World's: Two level club. Has the most and newest equipment, but a little crowded it's so stuffed full of machines. I'm not sure you'd have a place to deadlift in there. Only gym with racquetball courts in town besides the YMCA. World's tends to be the sleaziest when it comes to pricing. I think this place just went 24 hour, but they charge more for that privilege.

Hope this helps.

Ask for a two week trial at each place and see which one you like best.