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Look Like a Fridge or Sculpture Article Advice

Happy Holidays coach, I read this article absolutely gave me motivation again. My strength goes up well with consistency, but the physique aspect seems to lack progress I’m long limbed in both upper and lower. After reading it it made sense my chest lats grow on their own with just bench , dips, pull down and chin ups, but delts especially side, biceps , upper mid back not so much tri’s given all the pressing I do. The question is advice on a program off top of head , or how to go about involving the muscles that lack maybe exercises that are the best for those particular muscles. Thank you much happy new year

I can’t really write free programs for everybody as it’s one of the services I offer to make a living. But if you write down a plan I can comment on it.


Oh no , I totally understand. I was more asking do I prioritize those specific muscle groups, above the the ones that grow easier.

Day 1 chest and tris, incline bench press,maybe dips face pulls for shoulder health, triceps push down, lying extentions
Day 2 legs deadlift day, with deficit SLDL , hack squats/ leg press
Day 3 back n biceps, emphasis on mid and upper back. Start off with chins , then landmine tbar rows, incline dB rows , hammer curls and wide grip bb curls
Day 4 legs high bar focused , leg curls , and extentions
Day 5 shoulders and arms , Press, lots of laterals, front raise ,rear delts some sort of bicep , triceps circuit. I guess a rough draft of game plan thank you

Just throwing it out there, coach Thibs has a whole series of videos on his youtube channel that cover the best exercises for your body proportions and goals.

Check it out, I’m sure you will take valuable information out of it for your programming.

What I can tell you right now is that if you want to prioritize certain muscle groups, you will benefit from placing them earlier in the workout.

Most of the time, you’d want to start with compound exercises but every once in a while you can do a specialization phase where you start of with isolation exercises for the muscle groups that are lacking. OR you can do a whole session where you only perform exercises that target those muscle groups that are lacking or that weren’t getting enough attention in the rest of your workout days.

With long arms you have a mechanical advantage for pulling, especially the lats will develop really well. Mid back not so much → In your example on day 3 I would switch chins and landmine rows because you need to prioritize mid back, not lats.

You have a mechanical disadvantage for pressing and your chest will tend to take over → Arnold 's (who also was a long limbed lifter) chest for example was way more dominant than his triceps. So do more tricep work on a separate day or add it as assistance work to your pressing workouts. You can also prefatigue your chest before you do chest presses to get more tricep stimulation.

Yes, Arnold had big biceps but that’s because he did a loooot of bicep work on top of his training. With long arms your biceps grow better with unilateral isolation arms work.

Absolutely thank you for taking the time to right all that. So pretty much in a nut shell. On the chest and triceps day ,do the triceps exercises first or do like dumbell Flys first then the incline press. I pick that one to emphasis the front delts a bit more and was going to do it close grip for triceps. Thank you for the reply and happy new years

No, do the big lift first but then only use use isoltion exercises for the harder to develop muscles. Maybe keep 1 for the easier muscles and use 2-3 for the harder to develop ones.

It’s not just about exercise order or doing more for the non-responsive muscles; you need to decrease the direct work for the easy to develop muscles to avoid exceeding the overall training stress than your body can handle

Like Coach says, on chest & triceps day, start of with a close grip bench press as your compound followed by an incline exercise for chest. For the assistance work you could pick a tricep pushdown for example followed by a decline chest movement. One extra tricep exercise after the assistance work where you’re stretching the muscle, for example lying db extensions, will be sufficient stimulus for triceps. You do have an other day where you train it.

Remember, compound chest exercises also target the triceps. So in one session you would accumulate 9-12 sets of (in)direct work for your triceps. Stay 1-2 reps shy of failure on each set of each exercise if you do this much volume. If you want to go to failure on assistance tricep work I’d keep total volume lower somewhere between 6-9 sets per session. NEVER go to failure on compound movements, especially with a high volume, high frequency (5-6x/week training) approach.

Thank you both to take the time to reply much appreciated, I’m definitely happy with a good game plan going into the new year. Happy new years to the both yous and yours , thanks again

Likewise and good luck