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Look Like A Bodybuilder Perform Like An Athlete


Thanks for your help. Greatly appreciated!!


Is this program unsuitable for weaker lifters? For instance, me:

  • Just shy of a 2xBW DL
  • BW BP
  • 1.25 BW Squat
  • 0.66 OHP

or can we still get a lot out of it?


Yes you can, talking from experience. I was a bit stronger but I think it will work yes. it is even precised in the article if for some exercises 10 pounds jumps are too hard, you could do littler jumps


Sure you can! Note that the pressing day is hard on the shoulders. You want to do pull-ups/chin-ups between sets, or band pull aparts or such.


Pull aparts are a much better option. Pull-ups are actually hard on the shoulders themselves and too neurologically demanding to be alternatred with pressing in this program


I was doing 30 pull-ups before each lower body day and 30 fat man pull-ups before each upper body day AFAP and I had awesome results


Same. But probably smaller body part. Bigger boned powerfliter types are pulling much more weight on pullups.

So for them it would be like us doing “casual” sets with 45-90 lbs strapped. That will make it significantly harder


Indeed, I was lean then at 85 kgs. When I was weighing 110 pull-ups were a different animal