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Look Like A Bodybuilder Perform Like An Athlete


Excellent article coach. I would appreciate if you could clarify whether the ‘Athlete Lean, Athlete Strong’ mirrors the template you have set up in this article? I have been on this for a month now but wonder if a need to re-set the maxes based on the formula you outline? Also, are there any further modifications I should consider?


I’ve got some questions as well concerning conditioning and hypertrophy for assistance

For someone who wants to keep his conditioning level, do u/ how do you implement metabolic conditioning in this? (at the end of one “normal” training session; specific conditioning days?)
Would u do any hypertrophy assistance training at the end of a training session or even on specific hypertrophy days (especially rest pause style) ?


First understand that trying to do everything at one is a recipe for disaster. The body has a limited capacity to handle stress.

Regarding condtioning, I would do it at th e end of regular sessions using a fairly novel way of training: non-lactic acid conditioning.

Pick your comnditioning exercises, either as a circuit or done by themselves Give yourself a specific time frame (e.g. 15 minutes). Within that time frame you must strive to do as much work as possible BUT NEVER LET LACTIC ACID ACCUMULATE. As soon as you feel a hint of burning stop and rest just enough to be able to resume the work without accumulating lactic acid.

As for hypertrophy work, I’d do it either between sets of the main exercises or at the end. But I would be VERY careful to avoid doing too much. Only consider adding hypertrophy work for muscles that might be neglected by the main lifts.


No it’s two different systems


300x87.5=(actually)26,250. Helluva bench. Math aside I kinda felt some of this (explosiveness) was important and have recently gotten tired of the slow grind killer rep. I will be incorporating this info into my own routine. Thank you for an alternative I’m pretty sure will work me.


People grossly underestimate how hard grinding reps are for the nervous system. Everytime you do one you contract a debt that builds up and eventually you can’t repay it and you stagnate or crash


wouldn’t it be more stressfull to the CNS doing hypertrophy work between the working sets rather than doing it the next day right before the actual main lift… like some kind of double stimulation method?

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t wanna question your advices at all. I’ve been making awesome progress since I’ve been following your advices. I just don’t want to diminish potential gains :slight_smile:

Point is, I’ve been doing way too much work in my training sessions for my entire life. u know… typical guy that has to go all in, doing 4 5 exercices per muscle group so he can confidently say to himself: that was a good workout :D.
thx again CT


Hi coach!

If one cant train 5-6 days a week, would you still recomend this setup? I train 3-4 times a week is it possible to adapt your setup to fit my week?

Thank you coach for sharing your experiense!


Not the way I’m doing it currently. When I do ‘‘in-betweens’’ I don’t go anywhere near failure, I do the exercises similar to the big movements: focusing on performance and rep quality. I stop before I have a degradation in form, speed or range of motion. I can do a lot of volume that way and it has no negative impact on my nervous system.


Not really, not if you wan maximum progress with this system since it’s all about frequency.


This article looks a lot like the old original HP Mass article. In fact a lot of it seems to be verbatim copied from it.


But I see the 4-week program at the end is somewhat different. Updated and improved, I suppose!


Yes, actually the original program had been missing for more than a year. Some people asked about it and we searched for it and found it. It is still pretty much like I train but over the years I made some modifications to my own training based on my recovery and experimentation (for example using high pulls and muscle snatches as well as power cleans) so the original article was modified to reflect what I’m doing different now.


Would it work to use Cleans (full) instead of High Pulls? Thank you!


Great article, I look forward to giving it a go once my current cycle finishes, I have a few questions if you have a moment:

When you talk about high pull, muscle snatch and snatch deadlift I assume these are from the floor versus hang/blocks?

Also what back and bicep work would you suggest after your neural charge workout?

Appreciate any advice you can offer



I like all the movments and just begun to do the power snatch and the snatch-grip deadlift. I guess its better to do the stuff i like on the days i train. instead of doing a workout template with given movments i dont like just because it a " 3 day a week program".

Thx alot for your time!


Coach, do you still recommend using Eccentric-Less training, with the Sled/Prowler, as per the original HP Mass article?


Interesting update on the old article. Simplified quite a bit it looks like, too.

No more wave loading, instead a rotating fixed rep scheme appear to be the biggest changes. The exercise selection appears a bit more fixed too

The ones who did the old one always seemed to love it, including me. I might give this updated one a try coming up.


I do my cleans with presses. For example I clean all my bars prior to doing presses and push presses On some days I then do some heavier cleans (since my clean is much stronger than my push press) after that.


[quote=“wespowell, post:15, topic:214735”]
When you talk about high pull, muscle snatch and snatch deadlift I assume these are from the floor versus hang/blocks? [/quote]

Snatch deadlift is obviously from the floor. The other two can be done from either floor, block or hang depending on your lever of mastery.

Really it’s what works for you. Just focus on feeling the muscle contracting perfectly on every rep you do. You already are doing a lot of high threshold work so no need to push the load on these exercises.