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Look Like a Bodybuilder, Perform Like an Athlete - Thanks


I just wanted to say a big thanks to Coach Thibs and the posters on these forums for the Look like a Bodybuilder, perform like an Athlete program. I'm currently combining a busy job with rennovating my house, so I train by myself mostly, before work. These circumstances meant that I could fall into the trap of training on auto-pilot, and doing a lot of work for no real gains.

This program really shook that up, and I got increases in all 1RMs after the first six week cycle, by 10-15% on some lifts. These are results I really wouldn;t have thought possible prior to starting the program. And this has a had a huge impact on my motivation, and the enjoyment I get from training. Coach, I can't thank you enough.


Nice first post haha :slightly_smiling:

I'll have to second this post. I've started classes at KU, taking 16 hours towards a civil engineering degree. I'm doing double sessions almost every day, lifting in between classes when I have a chance, and I feel great. There's no way I could do this if I tried it with my own style of training. I'm also getting very leaner using this with the pulse fasts twice a week, with no drops in strength!


It's strange how logical it feels to concentrate on the major lifts only. It's also been fun trying to explain the protocol to people used to more traditional routines - definitely generated some raised eyebrows.


This is the first time in a while that I've really received a surreal amount of enjoyment from working out. Don't get me wrong I love to workout but I used to change programs every 6-8 weeks due to boredom.

The HP Mass philosophies are simplified and give me a sense of purpose when I go to the gym everyday. The best part is the fact that the program isn't set in stone it can be modified to suit everyone's needs and with the additional of the training lab blog we'll now get new ideas on how to maximize it to suit our needs.

I've been using the principles since day one and don't plan on changing anytime soon.


Hey i'm considering starting HP Mass when i'm finished with the workout routine i'm on right now but I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on how it should be done when lifting with a partner.

Should i complete one set and then change the weight so he can finish a set? Or should I complete 1 main excercise such as OHP before my partner goes?


The stuff CT has published the last few months is gold. I really can't remember having so much fun training and i've been training in spurts for 20 years.

Really nice strength/mass gains too but i never followed the HPM program to the letter. But used alot of the principles.


Why are you only pulse fasting twice a week?

Not a criticism.
Genuinely interested.
What's the benefit?


That's on the upper end of the spectrum... you're thinking pulse FEAST?