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'Look Like a Bodybuilder Perform Like an Athlete' for Beginner?

Best way to start program haven’t worked out every day Iike this is there a good way to do an intro phase? Or just jump into it?

Warm up sets? Go by feel?

My brother is new to lifting and has been lifting with me for 6 months and we’ve been doing 3 full body’s days with a “gap” day. Is there a way for him to follow “look like a bodybuilder……” while still learning the movements?

Thanks wanted to do this for a while and it’s finally a good time to start for me.

Just remember that this program is predicated on very frequent, high speed movements.

AKA no grinding reps out.

It would be good to learn the movements on because you will be doing them submaximally very frequently, make sure you are teaching him the correct form