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Look like a Bodybuilder. Lift like a Powerlifter. Move like a Weightlifter


Sorry to bother you but of all your programs which one covers the goal to look like a bodybuilder, lift like a powerlifter and move like a weightlifter ?

Ty as always

Best of luck with this one.

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its okay CT has done more for my training than anyone else :slight_smile:

I have not designed a program like that. And why are you using the “move like a weightlifter” thing? Honestly, while they are normally more agille and powerful than powerlifters and bodybuilders I would have used something like a football player to describe something agile. I know plenty of pretty good weightlifters that would not really be great examples of moving well… most of them jump high but that doesn’t necessarily make them overall agility beasts.

Have you considered having your first exercise of the day being an explosive move like the clean and press, the second exercise of your day being a power lifting leg exercise, the third being a power lifting style upper body exercise (I know bench is the official upper body exercise of power lifting, but rows and shoulders presses are just as important IMO), and then use body building to wind down?

@CT Sorry my post was ridiculous after thinking about it. Ignore said post.


Think in terms of a power/speed position in football, RB or LB and how they train.

incorporate explosive jumps and med ball throws
Olympic lifts if you can perform them
heavy weights using the basics deadlift, squat, bench, press
finish up with a couple of bodybuilding type movements/isolation to address weak areas/prehab/rehab etc…
conditioning geared towards your goals.

Do some strongman training and stay lean, some of your lighter strongmen are very agile. Jon paul siggmorson could do it all look up how he trained.

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