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Look Like a BBer, Perform Like an Athlete Exercises


Hey CT,

Huge fan of your work, once again another fantastic article. My question was whether certain lifts can be replaced with others. For example bench press swapped out for floor press or even weighted dips? Same with back squats swapped out for front squats.

Keep up the good work!


No problem in both of these cases. I do the front squat myself


Thanks for the reply! For something like weighted dips, would you vary the light/moderate/heavy days in terms of the amount of weight you decrease from your MTW? Or should I stick to bench/floor press and maybe do dips at the end of the upper body day?


Both can be done. But with thins like pull-ups or dips (or even handstand push ups) I like to use a total reps approach. For example do 30 total reps in as little time as possible. When you can do it in 3 sets or less, add weight.