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Look at This: Matt K. Training

[quote]Jim W wrote:
LilDaDDyDreW wrote:
This video is played at a faster pace than normal, it is edited to be sped up… Look at the second hands on the clock at the start of the video… He lifts explosively but it is exagerated through the editing… c’mon now.

Please stop injecting logic into threads. lol

I wonder how many people saw this and hit the gym the next day and were doing reps like they were having a seizure. haha

Alot i would bet, i thought my sarcasm detector was broken but unfortunately it wasn’t :confused:

Good grief lol

lildaddydrew you just cant give credit, where credit is due, there for you suck!

Damn I have always try to lift explosively and as fast as possible. I blare my music and just go to town. Its weird that a lot of people dont do this instinctively. To me it just always made sense that lifting faster gives more force.


Remember boys, its not how fast you move the bar, its how fast you TRY to move the bar.