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Look At This Hipster!



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After living in Taiwan so long but still meeting Americans that come to work here...I sometimes see things that seem weird to me, then I find out it's a hipster thing.

Like scarves. I couldn't understand why lots of the 22 or 23 year-old American girls were wearing scarves with T-shirts still on.
Then I found out it's a 'thing'.

I noticed 3 or 4 of my male American coworkers had beards. Wow, I thought, I haven't seen so many guys wearing beards like this.
Then I found out it was a 'thing'.

For fuck's sakes I've heard that even the e-mail provider they use is a 'thing'...Hipsters apparently use gmail.


That is basically every person at my university. Sigh.


I want to bring to hipster fashion this look. I know they'll be pretentious as fuck, but at least they won't look like douche bags.


It's like lower manhattan has raped the rest of the world and these are it's progeny.


motherfucker. the hipsters are into beards now? what kind? i seriously hope i'm not in this fashion.




Everyone uses Gmail so don't associate me in with the hipsters who wear skinny jeans that I couldn't fit my arm in.


It's not that using gmail makes you a Hipster....but the fact that they think hotmail is just too commercial or something like that.

Same with having a beard...nothing wrong with that, but if you're growing one because 5 of your frineds and the guy from Radiohead or the White Stripes or some artist did then you're a goof.


the beard is purely for strength training purposes.




My wife's friends are hipsters, they make me want to commit acts of violence.


I think they should bring back the codpiece.


We have hipsters in South East Asia. it's funny


that birth mark on your breast looks damn near good enough to eat