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Look at This Guy!


Apparently this nutter filled his arms up with oil!!!

From what I gather his name is Peter Heisinger.

Sorry if this has been posted already..


Another pic




Greg Valentino better get to work. He's got some competition.


Is it last week again.....:slight_smile:


awesome, look at those guns. he is gonna score big time with guns like that. :wink:


I think I'd rather be morbidly obese than look like that idiot.


take away his arms and he's not big at all..



And that commentary can also be shared with Professional bodybuilding.


Does synthol get counted in bf% calculations?


Atleast Valentino looked like he had some notion to inject it into diff. muscles.This looks like he pumped it in w/o planning where to put it; which makes him look like a bigger idot than Valentino.


I wonder if those tumors are malignant.


I love Claymation!


I'd hit it.


Its afghanistanimation!


Looks like some selective elephantiasis. Kinda cool that he's trained those worms to only affect his biceps. Hahaha


hmm.... I wonder where he does his curls


I'd wager that he gets stabbed if he leaves his arms like that long enough. I mean, wouldn't you be curious to see if they'd pop if you sunk the needle deep enough? Like a giant zit.


lol This guy makes Valentino look like Lee Priest as compared to arm development. The pic of him trying to flex cracks me up. It's the BLOB!