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Look at this F'ing Hipster



Some of yall are on here, admit it.


I like it when girls dress like that. Unfortunately, large sunglasses can turn 4s into 7s fairly easily.

Because, ya know, being 'out' is totally 'in.'




May 8th is that Will Wheaton?


Yes and No. His head was photoshopped onto that shirt.


Whats with the checkered scarfs on these people. I don't understand why an old ladies scarf is now a male fashion accessory. Its like they all want to be different like everyone else.


fucking will wheaton, stand by me and then all down from there though the Curse was a good horror movie


Yesterday I saw a bunch of kids similar to hipsters (some may have been) playing polo on fixed gear bicycles. So hip.


dont look at my profile pics plox


Some of those look like shemaghs- scarves that can double as hoods.

Here's one that doesn't suck



May 13th. WTF? Are those guys for real?



I agree with you on the large sunglasses.