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Look at Me! Stewie on Steroids


so is this what its like being on ROIDS??????


Nice. You're sure off to an intelligent start there, you 'tard.


Never used them but I hear they're more like this:


I'm not a big fan of the Family Guy type of humor (22 minute strings of random jokes that don't fit the plot), but it has its awesome episodes here and there. This was definitely one of them.


this could turn out good


I didn't even have to click on it to know what this video was


This was originally posted in the steroid forum, so this a troll job, 100%.


Christ if that's the good stuff then I know why it's good to be to old for that kind of shit.




Looks like we have another great addition to the Class of '09.



Yea cause look at how great the class of 08 turned out to be :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


South Park over Family Guy all day.

Cartman kicks ass. LOL


I whole heartedly agree with you. I hate any show that's written by Manatees and idea balls


South Park is one of the only shows ever to be getting funnier by the episode. 13 seasons in!

Seasons 1-3 of Family Guy were funny, but it's damn old now.


Nice avatar.


South Park got old after 2 seasons. It wasn't funny after that






You obsess over class of 08 Polo :slight_smile:


2005 in the House!