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Ok ok…

I know comparing Chrsitian & Christiane to Vin Diesel and Meg Ryan got old long ago… plus it’s immature and pointless. I know all about that…

…But while watching Thib’s Cluster Training DVD today (the Q&A at the end is worth the price buddies), I just couldn’t take the idea out of my mind: what if the 4 of them played on the SAME big screen…? I mean, C&C’ve both been in front of the camera for some tv series… so why not? It may not make them Jack Nicholson grade actors, but so what? It didn’t prevent Arnold form selling a couple of tickets, weird name, weird accent and all.

Anyway: if C&C ended up in the same movie as Vin and Meg, they’d HAVE to be partners with them, not rivals.

American movies very seldom make a “hero” or popular actor lose, so they can’t pitt those pairs agains each other: it just wouldn’t be “credible”.

First: Christiane could knock Meg down by just THINKING about it (althoug I have a hard time imagine her play that part: that woman is pure silk!)

Second: Thib against Vin? Well: a guy like Thib can easily eat 2 or 3 McDiesel combos for lunch. (Don’t worry: he doesn’t eat the pickle.)

Anyone can think of a cool plot? I mean the “long lost brother/sister” thing’s kinda cliche. Right now, genetic engineering is more fashionable.

Could be called:

Saving Private Thibaudeau
The Chronicle of The Beast
The Fast and Humongous

Dude, I did a double-take on Vin and CT to figure out which was which!

There’s a guy at my college that’s a dead-ringer for Shugs.

I half expected to see this guy tearing someone a new asshole.