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Loogie On Hummer


Just wondering if I'm off based here? Today I drop my girl off at work (yes she has a car, no I don't do it all the time, yeah I did it to be sweet). ANYway, the lot is ridiculously full and I notice what appears to be a spot, it's also pretty cold and kinda raining at the time. SO I drive over to the spot and see that some d-bag in Hummer has double parked (like totally in between two lines double parked). Being there was no police officers around I felt it was civil duty to issue him a flem citation on his hood.

My girl caught it and started with the whole "WHy would you do that? BLah blah blah blah" SO knowing she would most likely NEVER understand I simply said "Because, fuck that guy" and I smiled at her.

Now I'll be the first to admit I'm a hater and for me, "Because, fuck that guy" is a good enough reason. Doesn't mean I'm right, often I'm not. Still I'm just wondering who's with me on that one?


I key anything that is taking up two spaces.


Been there, done that -- more than once!!


We talking real, original Hummer or the pussified H3?

It also brings to mind the fact that a lot of people these days can't drive or park to save their asses.

As for the keying...bad karma

Spittng on it...totally acceptable.


That was you? You son of a motherless whore!!!!


It is one thing to be annoyed, but if you go around spitting on cars, you have some anger issues. If you drive a large vehicle you'll probably start taking up two spaces after a while from shmucks dooring you.


For me? Open lot=2 spaces in the back. Full lot=1 space where you can find it.

Anyone taking up 2 spots in a full lot is open for loogies. Keying is a little much imo.



I had a reserved parking spot at one time, and someone parked in it one day. I pissed all over the door handle, driver's side window, hood, side of the door, etc. He never parked there again.

I'd say that was a different situation in that it was a reserved spot paid for by me. I wouldn't do this to someone in another setting, even if they are some asshole taking up extra spots in a crowded lot (but I would be pissed).

However, there are certain places where I do park in two spots, but it's never in a crowded parking lot where there are no spaces for others. I go to the back of the parking lot where no one else is parked and take up two spaces so some ass clown doesn't park next to me and ding my car or scratch it.

If I'm in a busy parking lot, I try to always find the end spot and park as close to the end as I can so if some asshole parks over the line or too close, it still gives me some extra room.


I hate that! I can't stand idiots who can't park.

I don't think I'd leave a loogie, but I'd sure be mad.


Nothing wrong with loogies. Keying = bad things, man. Should NEVER be done.



key the shit out of them or, if a spot is available directly next to the double, drivers side...park so close they can't get in from the drivers side. i mean hell, then who really double parked first? you, or them? i mean, this takes it to a whole new level of douchebaggery, but hell if it isn't funny watching somebody have to crawl across from the passenger side.

not so funny if they are in a handicapped spot. that's considered bad form to loogie, key, or sandwich park them.


I've parked my car in a spot, and come out later to see a twit parked 2 and a half inches away from my driver's side door, preventing me from getting in. Passive aggressive that I am, I crawled in my passenger side and wrote him a note on some scrap paper, which I left on their windshield. It said something to the effect of "Thanks for letting me get in my fucking car. I hope a priest finds your child, you cancerous dickhead." Afterwards, I felt a bit guilty.

I'm not a spitter, but I can understand the urge. Keying seems a bit too permanent.


I used to drive a real P.O.S. when I managed my old gym. Well, there was this one rich prick who would always park in THREE spaces with his Viper. It was yellow. He would park perpendicular to the lines, hence the 3 spaces. I asked him, politely to stop and he just shrugged me off. The next time I saw him do it I went and parked my P.O.S. about 5 inches from the driver side door right along side him. What's he gonna do, door ding me, key it, who cares. He ended up having to crawl in through the passenger side door looking like an ass. Three times I did this until finally he complained to me, the management, that someone kept parking next to him. I asked where he was parked (I already knew) and when he showed me I told him there was nothing I could do as he was parked illegally. Funny thing is he stated to only drive his Ram from that point on so he could park normal.

So ya, "Fuck them" is acceptable. The rules apply to all, even the rich arrogant pricks that think they don't.


I like Nate Dog's approach. Piss on the guy!


Note to self:

NEVER take up two parking spaces.


I forgot to mention, when I saw the title and Wideguy's name, I thought this had something to do with being spit on during oral (I never understood that). Anyway...


Put me down for: loogie, ok. keying, not ok, a bit much. A big oyster gets your point across and can be washed off. Scratched paint can mean a bullet to your head if caught. I say that, because I have done really harsh things to people that I've discovered had keyed my car.


Glad to see we're all like minded here, however KEYING IS NOT COOL!

Even if this person couldn't park there vehicle I don't really give a shit, so that reason is out. Just like some fat fuck complaining that the seats aren't big enough for their huge ass. Still keying is definitely grounds for a fist fight, and with my car being so close that could equal BAD news for everyone. On the other hand a loogie can come off with some water and a little elbow grease.


Well since you brough it up I do enjoy spitting in my partner's mouth during oral just to make things that much more messy. But I would post that sort of thing on the sex forum.


Hilarious! And hell yeah!

Same thing happened to me a month or so ago when I was returning to the hospital with some food for my wife who had just given birth.

Parking lot was absurdly full. All spaces were taken. Except two, which were filled by some jackass who parked his Grand Cherokee in them both. Wasn't even that nice of a Cherokee. Or particularly new.

I had nothing else to use and thought kicking a dent in the door might be a bit much (not to mention might attract attention) so I left a nice little well-thought-out note on his windshield:

park job,

I told my wife. She thought it was hilarious as well. Guess it just takes certain types to appreciate such things...