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Lonnie Lowery

Isn’t this just great? I can’t eat red meat or chicken now because of iron. Instead try tuna! Oh, but I can’t eat tuna either it’s full of mercury!

Actually, it’s probably best to just not eat at all because it’s bad for you too!

Dammit, Lonnie as much as I like you your really starting to piss me off.

You’ve got me so paranoid, that from now I’m simply going to have a centrum silver and a glass of water every day and stay hid in my closet.

Calm yourself. Moderation is key.

hahaha, clearly the best post all day.


JWright nailed it. Moderation in all things my man.

I think Jake was mostly joking. But the “Keep the Iron on the Bar” article this week did tackle an important health issue most of us overlook. Here’s what I did:

  1. Picked up an iron-free multi this weekend to replace the one I had been using.

  2. Gave blood.

Easy, and much better than giving up steak!

there are a variety of studies suggesting alpha lipoic acid can help the body excrete iron stores while also preventing (or limiting) additional storage

if you’re already doing ALA, or r-ALA, I wouldn’t worry too much–but I would do as Shugs suggests and get an iron-free multi-vitamin


Also take some IP6, it is a chelator of iron and also a very good cellular volumizer.

Just have some calcium with your red meat; it’ll inhibit absorption.

Or, if you’d rather, feel free to join me in my Scientific Instrumentation course this afternoon. It’s phlebotomy and catheterization day; you might look like Swiss cheese when it’s all said and done, but your iron levels will definitely be lower:)

Look at it this way. Atleast you don’t get up every morning and eat a Little Debbie Snack Cake and drink a Mountain Dew.

Haha, well said Landon… LoL!

Yep I was just kidding. I’m not actually going to stay in my closet. :slight_smile:

Seriously though buying iron free supplements has been something I’ve been trying to do for a long time.

Lowery’s article was good because it gave me a few more ideas.

You guys on the boards have also given me some good ideas, thanks.

This has turned out to to be a highly educational

Keep taking ALA!
Bring calcium caps with me to the Outback steak house!
Do some research and find out what the heck IP6 is!

Thanks wlhcrow, Eric C., and Kelly B!