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Longtime Members... Gone


I was on EliteFTS today and then over to Dave Tate's FaceBook to look at Matt Kroczaleski's run up to the UPA Nationals.

Dave had a post about how he is going to be working with Biotest to develop some new supplements over here. Pretty cool right.

Except on that same post several long time members from T-Nation were posting about how they were banned, heavily moderated and have given up and left.

NattDogg, Kuz and Rainjack...all Level 5 members, all have left because they tried to discuss certain supplements that they had tried and not liked or did not live up to the hype.

Keep in mind that they were all level 5's..top 500 Biotest customers and loyal posters on the forums. Needless to say, this has left me pretty disenfranchised, Biotest has the right to Mod whatever they want, but it seems a little short sighted to crack down on your best customers.

Anybody else know of long time folks who have left, and what the story was?


Sen Say left when he was voted Mr. Congeniality in teh "Who funniest On T-Nation" thread 4 years running.


I was wondering where RJ went. Figured tax season had him busy.


yeah I don't think they should ban people for discssing other brands. That's a bunch of bullshit


I tried posting asking for what's going on with the "new" Grow! whey, and got the message saying my post was deleted. No response from customer service either.

I like the one stop shopping I can do for supplements here, but I can't help but start looking around for alternatives.


Guys. SH! They are listening.....

Thought the Dave Tate stuff sounds cool.

In the end, this is still a company driven by the almighty dollar even if they are less corrupt than most of the industry.


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They seem pretty inconsistent about what they censor, too.

But I don't see a reason why we can discuss options. Biotest usually comes out on top as far as quality goes.


Oh man!

What are you guys doing going through my dirty laundry again?

Without getting into the sordid details, we had ONE mod that seemed, by her actions, to be related to Carrie Nation. (You historian types will know what I'm talking about.)

She deleted posts with a vengeance.

She was let go a couple of weeks ago.

Problem solved.


The thing that struck me as really unusual was that these guys were all admitted Biotest "whores".... level 5's.

NattDogg was kinda pissed off as they do not allow him to post anymore and he has spent, according to him...thousands upon thousands of dollars.

I guess I just expected a little more loyalty.

But I guess business is business. Although Dave was a little tweaked, he asked for a full explanation from those guys.


Good to hear TC.

Thanks for the response.


"Less corrupt."

High praise indeed!


I tried to PM KUZ several times to thank him for submitting his Moms chili recipe.It's damn good btw.Guess that explains that.


It's better than "You're strong...for a girl!"


Well, you guys are no M-tech or BSN.


BTW, that's a crock.

One of those three knows why he "left," and it had nothing to do with not liking any supplements.

I'm not sure about the other two you mentioned.


Sorry TC?..but at times it seems any criticism at all...even the non virulent and well spoken stuff. Get's you banned or on the watch list.


TC..... it's totally your prerogative to do as you see fit on here, it is your website to run after all.

But the back and forth uncensored arguments, disagreements and other banter (sometimes R rated and nasty) is what makes this place great.

I know you have to try and keep some sense of order, but if it comes at the expense of progress...is it really worth it?


What about teh Sen Say !?!? You telling me Biotest didn't rig the voat on "Funniest T-Nation Member"?



I just wanted to point out to everyone my post was edited for use of the "M" word. That's worth a chuckle in this thread.