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Longterm Clomid - Problem?

If you used clomid and nolvadex post cycle for an extended period of time, is it possible that you would dramatically reduce your estrogen level to the point where it interferes with your`sex drive?

I know I have read on this board before that estrogen (small amounts) is essential to sexual function. Can anyone confirm this?

I guess the question is, how could anyone want to even try to use it longterm? Use it as it is intended.

I suppose you could cycle on and off it.
I don’t think these drugs would give you as many complications as the antiaromatase drugs such as armidex or femara - as far as changing your blood lipid profiles.

The benifits like all compounds that “naturally increase your endogenous test production” would be self-limiting as, once test became too high (above your bodies natural physiological level) the body would re-correct itself I’m sure, and the drug - either clomid or nolvadex would have limited effect past this.

These drugs do not block or have the same effect on all estrogen receptors in the body. As I recall Nolva is completely safe to take as therapy for breast cancer, because it has effect at the breast, but in other areas of the body it helps to stimulate rather than decrease function - I have in mind Osteoporosis in females as an example - a low level of estrogen in the body as seen in postmenopausal woman contributes to a reduction in bone remodeling vs osteoclastic destruction of bone/ reduced calcium retention which leads to a drop in bone mass and bone strength. Taking antiaromatase inhibitors can have similar effect, however nolvadex does not have this effect on the body, or on blood lipid profiles. Actually I believe nolvadex users in studies have experienced a lowered risk of osteoporosis.

Bad news:
Both studies of long term Nolva and Clomid use have confirmed an irreversable loss in vision acquity however.
I think cycling nolva, or clomid would be a good option for the natural bodybuilder as it would give him optimal levels of test - simmilar in effect to tribex.


I think there could be an argument for long term armicex,femara and other anti-e’s for the 40+ male or overweight male. It could be used to correct the testosterone to estrodiol ratio. This may be especially helpful for overweight men, when the fat increases so does the aromatase activity which drives down the testosterone further.
As we get older and/or fatter our testosterone levels decrease but our aromatase activity increases. And the testosterone/estrodiol ratio gets more out of whack.
Maybe use of anti-e’s could be used before testosterone replacement therapy.
There have also been several studies using femara to increase the height of short boys. From reading the summary of the studies there were no major side effects after a year of use except for increased height.
Also studies are testing aromatase inhibitors to increase male fertality by correcting again the testosterone/estrodiol ratio.

The intended use is post cycle recovery. I haven’t been on it that long, I have heard in Europe they do this therapy for 2-3 months.

The danger of longterm use of anti-aromatase inhibitors is its effects on the blood lipid profile. This containdicates its use for sure in older men.