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Longevity DVD by Ken 'Skip' Hill


Anyone watched it yet, or watched a part of it?

If you don't know what I'm talking about, just google search for it, I'm pretty sure I cant just post the link


Watched a small part this morning while eating my breakfast (the chapter on food while dieting),... pretty basic stuff really (put your food in bags -lol). I'm sure there's a lot more info on there, but the Player he has the files available to stream in doesn't let you slide ahead, and I got bored quickly.



I've watched about an hour of the footage this morning. I like Skip, and his advices are pretty sound and knowledgable. Not too often do you get a training DVD with this much footage for free. So I reccomend people watching.


I've been easily able to slide through the videos. Maybe it's your computer?


Me too. Just forwarded. I'm using firefox.

Edit: FOrward only worked on the Intro chapter.


works on all of them, they just have to buffer.


I don't have time for that nonsense! -lol



I think its really good so far, thanks for letting us know about it.
I agree with stu that it gets boring in places and I think it could have been edited better to remove a lot of repetition in what he is saying.


You guys can download them all from this torrent here if you don't want to stream them:



I'm surprised such few watched it. The seminar in 2 parts has a ton of infos...


indeed it does


I never saw this thread. I'll be sure to check this out when I'm not at work. Thanks for the bump.


I don't want anyone thinking I was speaking negatively of the entire piece. Skip does provide a lot of useful info,... but it just seemed a bit drawn out at times, and some of it, while I don't know if I would say it's unnecessary, but it's kind of uneven as far as getting pearls of wisdom from such a knowledgable guy. Still, I would recommend learning as much as you can, from as many people as you can. That doesn't mean everyone is correct, but it can either make you reconsider your own approaches, or even validate what you've already decided works.

After my very first contest, I stayed in e-mail contact with some of the other comeptitors who I had met and started talking to back stage. Even though I beat them, I realized that they were more seasoned competitors, and I knew I could learn a lot from the decisions they had made in their own training (even if upon finding out what they did, I decided that was the reason they had fared so poorly -lol). Definitely watch this if you can set aside the time.



Lol: "That would be my iPod that I just changed songs, I was not playing with my nuts. Just...sayin."


With all the skiploading talk going on the forums I am gonna check it out.


There's a lot of good info in this. Like Stu said, take it as an opportunity to learn as much as possible.


It's all on YouTube too. Definitely worth a watch over a protein shake.


On a completely unrelated topic, Austin you look like a hulked out Seth Rogan sans hair.

Just sayin'.