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Longest Shot... A Fake?


What do you guys think? Fake or Real?


I think I've seen this guy in other videos making trick shots like shooting it over a wall where he can't even see the basket. I think crazy shots is what this guy does. Me thinks, not fake.




From the direction the ball was headed it looks like it had to curve left about 15 feet at the end to net it, I think not.


I think it's real. But honestly, how many tries do you think that took him, lol. The DC skate trick shots are better though.


as real as the guy landing in the kiddie pool from 200 yds away


You gotta remember though that he's shooting from the top deck. Thats a pretty long way up there, and that will make the angle look a little off


but a spinning sphere generates lift, which can easily cause the trajectory to curve, so that alone is not enough to call it fake.


that was awesome.


Looks real to me, here is the field view.


I think it's real.


their summer camp vid has some crazy shots. including backflip shots and whatnot.


DC skate vid. I cant find the longer version though.


some of those guys aren't putting enough "ummph" to make those distances, maybe it's ust me


Supposedly, according to some online news source i forget which one, they brought in "expert" video analyzers and they concluded that they could not find anywhere in the video where editing could've taken place.