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Longer Workouts on Test Cyp


I have been a hardgainer and always stuck to the 60 min rule while working out. It is said that test levels drop after 60 mins of working out. Ive gone from 180 to 205 lbs. Now while on Test cyp can I work out longer than 60 mins? How bout 2 a days. One AM workout and another at night. Say 8am and 7pm?


Testosterone also lowers cortisol levels, which is a very catabolic hormone and one of the reasonings behind reasonably short sessions.

I wouldn't jump right into hour long sessions or several daily sessions though. Gradually increase until you find a sweet spot.


Hard for me to find the sweet spot. once I get in there its hard to stop. Think Ill just keep it at 4 exersices per muscle group so I dont over do it.


Increase the volume of your worouts by 30% while usong aas in a caloric surplus.

Te lenght of your workout is really not important. It doesnt factornin how much work you. Some people rest longer than others and vice versa. Some people train crowded gyms. To just stop at 60 minutes ecause some article says so is stupid. Also, even when training without aas you dont need to worry about transient dips or spikes in hormone levels.

There is nothing wrong with two-a-days. But that doesnt meant you should do twice the volume as a result of it. Modify your workouts to accomodate two daily sessions. Dont just do your typical routine twice a day. If you do that and are able to handle it that means your regular routine isnt nearly demanding enough.

Stop being scared of lifting for more than an hour. Train as often as possible and take rest days only when needed. Its amazing how many people magically lose the hardgainer label when they grow a set and push themselves.




There's nothing funny in Bonez' post. All of that information is true. Steroid use should be the final piece of the puzzle in training. Before steroid use, one should have a dead solid base of knowledge of everything training related so that they will be able to not only use steroids in a safe manner, but be able to see gains while on them and not be wasteful.

If you seem to be seeing no gains, and recovery isn't an issue (i.e. no symptoms of overtraining), it's either your diet or your workout regimen, and it's probably both. However you adjust your workouts, challenge yourself and set yourself up for successful progression. Also, work on getting more calories in. It's a serious game, and it requires a serious, dedicated mentality.


What are you laughing at?

I mean you already wont ever get another bit of help from me but I'm a bit curious as to exactly how ignorant you actually are.


Do you think its possible to overtrain on cycle? I don't get DOMS on cycle, but if I train frequently I notice very minor aches and pains that feel more like tendon or muscle pain rather than muscle soreness.


Are you asking me?

If you get DOMS off cycle but not on cycle then you arent doing enough work IMO.

I do think it's possible to overtrain on AAS. Overtraining shows its effects on the whole body, mostly on general fatigue and flu-like symptoms. In my experience at least. I dont think youve expereinced overtraining based only on what youve described above. But its not possible to say for sure.


Sorry did not mean for the LOL to be disrespectful. Just LOL because your pos made me feel stupid for asking the original question. Sometimes we post shit we already know the answer to.


Let me try the question this way...LOL

Im on a 5 day split. Mon-back tues-chest wed-legs thurs-arms fri-shoulder,traps
When I go in I basically beat the crap out of that muscle. Sice on AAS I feel like I cant get enough once im in there. Should I not worry about overworking since that muscle is basically going to get a weeks rest? When I say I am on AAS Im just taking 200 testcyp/week.


As far as 2 a days Ive been thinking about taking wed off and moving legs to tues/fri evenings.