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Longer Training Recovery. Time for TRT?

Here’s my situation. I’m about to turn 43. The past year or so I’ve noticed it takes longer to recover from minor tweaks and sprains. For example, I helped a neighbor get his car out of the snow and back was sore for a week… Which meant I had to sandbag my deadlifts that week!

I’m lifetime drug free and feel good in general. I work out religiously following some combination of 351, stronger by science, or other program, as well as, do a ton of cardio (daily hiking, snow shoeing, mountain biking ).

Blood panel came back with a total T of 585 and esdradiol of 29. I don’t have freeT. Would TRT be the right approach? I’m primarily looking to recover faster and lift more.

Get FT checked, but likely you don’t need TRT.

How’s libido and boners? If they work and your significant other is happy, leave well enough alone for now.

I’d look to getting more rest and cutting back on the cardio.

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You need free T to make a determination, but very likely no you don’t need TRT.

Oh all the libido stuff is fine. I just thought old guys got on TRT to keep athletic performance high.

Honestly it hasn’t made much difference in the gym for me.

Thing is, it could negatively affect your libido. I would look for other ways to increase performance.

Thanks for the input. Maybe I’ll hold off for a bit.

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At 43, get on TRT. You’re in decline and not on the up and up. What are you going to wait for? ED? Libido loss? Muscle loss? Mental fog? Some folks wait for the symptoms to arrive. TRT is anti-aging, so why wait til you age? Im 45 and 43 is when I noticed things werent right. Took me a year to regain my old self back. I wish I had started before hitting the wall. The negative reviews come from people who started TRT once the issues got real bad. Takes more time to unfuck things than to fuck them up. You can tell me about how my dad and your dad fucked and fought til they were in their 80s. Today’s man is not so lucky to have yesterdays pristine environment. So get on TRT for life or come back later when you have run out of gas. Some good folks in this thread have voted against it, so I will say that they have some experience too.

Thank you for the perspective. I agree we live in a highly feminized culture that probably isn’t good for our testosterone levels. Of course, that’s a non-scientific opinion. Did you notice better recovery time for lifting when you starting? If you did, how long did it take?

I noticed real physical changes by 5 months, and others have noticed and mentioned it. Recovery time is shortened and I can go back at it with no aches and pains. At 3 months in I pushed myself a bit harder and I did have tennis elbow for a month, but I stuck with my protocol and I recovered with no more pain. Mind you that my injury should have been one of those that youre supposed to live with for a long time. Physically, and mentally TRT has made me the best version of me so far, and that in itself is worth it. Get tested a few more times and see if your fluctuations are steady or in decline. I tested 6 times in a 2 year period only to see that I was slowly lowering and settling into 200TT territory. Tests help get a better picture of what is happening.