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longer term leanness

Some time ago Joel Marion gave some advice on how to shed water for looking ripped and hard for a certain day. He also mentioned that he could give some tips on achieving a harder looking and more ripped state and being able to hold it for a longer period of time (peaking opposed to longer term). Anyone any clues on how to stay lean for a longer period of time? Thanks.

Assuming that you are maintaining a low body fat percentage through your diet and exercise programs, the best thing for you to rid your body of excess water would be make sure that you are drinking plenty of water and are consuming plenty of sodium daily; this will blunt aldosterone realease and will cause your body to excrete excess water. A good amount of each would be just over a gallon of water and 8+ grams of sodium daily. A good rule of thumb is to consume 2 grams of sodium for every L of water you drink.

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Hello Joel, thanks for the reply. The approach you mention, does it always work? I have drastically upped my sodium and water intake for the last two weeks (I was actually going to try swolecats method of shedding water for peaking purposes, but I don’t want to look hard for only one day, and then have to tolerate a rebound for a few weeks), and all I have noticed is that I have gotten more bloated then I was. I’ve always had a problem with getting a hard look. I train with heavy weights, diet strictly for months, get leaner, but that’s it. Never do I get that hard look, not when dieting, not when trying to gain weight.
Can you offer me any more advice? Thanks again, I appreciate the input.

Joel, or anyone else that cares to chime in?