Longer Rest with 30/10/30 to Change Weights

I can t respect the rest time between exercises because I need to adjust the weight on my single barbell.
I’ve got only a power rack with one barbell in my home gym.
Have you got a solution for me please??
Thanks for answer!

I use dumbbells instead of barbells for some.
I also bought a very cheap (~$30) 3 piece assembled 5’ standard barbell from Walmart, that’s rated for 200 lbs. I’ve got standard plates for my adjustable dumbbells, and so I got a few larger ones for that barbell. It was so cheap I couldn’t resist, just so I could have it setup to move quick between exercises. It’s good for curls, bent over rows, or overhead press. Just pick one and setup dumbbells for another. Then leave your good barbell setup for bench press.

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Very similar story, the least expensive additions I have found were plates for as little as $1/lb shipped from Walmart, even during lockdown, but have to keep checking several times a day until they are back in stock and grab them before they are gone. And for bars, cold rolled steel round bar from surplus metal yards, which you can find on Ebay or locally, along with industrial compression collars, which you can find on Ebay for as little as $2 each. Then if you want higher quality bars, McMaster-Carr has certified ETD-150 bar, which has long been used for many high end Olympic bars.

But wait a minute, there are many excellent body weight exercises you can do with no additional equipment, and especially if you do them immediately after a barbell exercise and 30/10/30 you should not be hurting for weight. T-nation articles are a major place to find a wealth of body weight variations. Add a chin up bar and you may be wishing you had less weight to move.

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This is more than enough to get big and strong. If your “rest times” are extended slightly, but only because you’re moving fast and shuffling weight plates around, you’re not gonna hurt yourself. The lack of rest is for metabolic conditioning. Moving fast and moving weight plates qualifies.

Don’t look for reasons why you can’t do something - work with what you have and show everyone that you can kick ass with what you have, which, as I said before, is more than adequate.

I got through a pretty grueling and specific lifting program with self-made wooden squat stands on uneven ground in my backyard at the beginning of this pandemic and it worked in my favor. You got this.


Ok guys!! Thanks for answers. I will move plates quickly or use various bodyweight exercises.

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