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Longer on Mag-10

Anyone used MAG-10 for longer than 4 weeks continuous. How was the experience?..did your gains continue steadily, etc?

I think longer cycles will always be better. The 2 on/4 off is effective, but it’s primary advantage is how fast your system recovers. Quick recovery usually means more sustainable gains.

However, something like 8 weeks would yield better gains, but unless you had recovery agents, chances are you’d lose a good portion of your gains.


I agree…bumping to see if anyone else has used it for more than 2 weeks at a time.

I’m about 1/2 week into an 8 week cycle.

I’m going two doses/day for the first two weeks; then I’m switching to one dose a day with an extra dose of 4-AD-EC on training days for the last 6 weeks.

I’m training 5 days/week, with moderate cardio on my 2 other days.

I’ll keep you posted…

Cycle length has more to do with natural T suppression than it does with retaining cycle gains, although of course natural T levels will be a determing factor in retention of gains…

As far as retaining gains, make sure that once you finish your cycle immediatley begin at least Tribex, if not Tribex and M to boost back up your natural T levels. Methoxy is terrific for solidifying gains as well and I would consider it a must as well.

The longer your cycle the more important these post cycle supps become in order to restore natural T levels.

I would suggest staying under 8 week cycles on Mag10 at double dosage, anything above that I would reccomend some Arimidex post cycle. If you’re just using 4ad however I’d say you’re good for up to 8 weeks with only Tribex, M, and Methoxy.

I typically save/stockpile supps for a while in preparation of a Mag10 cycle as it can defenitly get expensive but the benefits are defenitely worth it.

THAT being said, I’ve previously finished a 4 wk. Mag10/4ad cycle and am about to begin a 4-5 wk. Mag10 cycle with Tribex/methoxy/M post cycle and I’ll be able to answer your q more accurately then…

Just about to finish up a 4 wk cycle of mag-10 with unbelievable gains. I hate to get off this stuff. During these 4 weeks I gained 15 lbs with little added fat. I worked out twice a day working each bodypart every four days (three days on/one day off) with no cardio. Heck, maybe I’ll do another cycle.

I hate to get off too, which is why I asked the question. I feel so much better on. Thanks for the replies guys.