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Longer Lasting Sex

I will be having sex with my girlfriend for the first time this coming weekend. Of course, I would like to impress her the best I can with my long lasting abilities. Any suggestions on something I can take to help me out. I do have some Tribex 500. When should I take this to be ready for Friday if that is what you suggest I take? Thanks for your help in this important matter!

The Tribex may help you in keeping it up but if you’re worried about your lasting time, try “choking the bishop” before you guys get started. Better yet, see if your girlfriend will help you with it. After that you can spend some time going down on her to get her hot and by that time you’ll be ready to go again.

If you want to last a LONG time, take zoloft or paxil starting the day before and once 4 or five hours before sex. The dose is dependant on how long you already last.

Dude, don’t worry about taking anything … just RELAX!! Breath, keep a slow, steady motion, so you don’t blow your load too early. If you feel like you’re ready to bust, stop, breath, and RELAX! Kiss her neck, lips, etc … stop your motion but do something else so you’re not stopping totally. Also, take care of business before your date … this will help you relax for when you see her and will make the “second coming” a bit more work. Good luck. Take videos and fill us in on all the details.

You MUST be like 17…right? Mayby 16? Jeezz…look bro, staying power is important…however it isn’t everything. You worry about that too much and your gonna have a limp noodle when it comes time to play because of your nerves. There is nothing you can take that will “delay” you. There are things you can put on him that will desensitize him…but as soon as your in her happy spot it will desensitize her as well. Tribex may make you more fired up, but it doesn’t affect your ability to hold back…or recover. Look, when the happy moment arrives…take your damn time and enjoy her…don’t sit sweating your “lasting abilities” If you take your time with everything before you get to that point…she will probably have climaxed quite a few times before you even get to intercourse…and she will already be more impressed with you than 80% of the losers out there who are just in it for themselves!! The control comes with time and experience…it is a muscle thing…hard to explain…but you can practice it while you are alone and entertaining yourself…it comes with experience! Have fun and enjoy each other!!

I know of people who take andro before sex and it says it pumps them up a bit, itll probably get your hormones goin more…just be careful not to blow your load too early when on that stuff

Sorry whopper, many antidepressants truly “delay” you. However, they are only available with a prescription.

Has anyone ever tried those numbing creams like Maintain? They sell them right there with condoms. You put it on 30 minutes before sex and I guess it’s supposed to dry and not numb the girl as well. I bought some but I’m worried about this. Anyone with first hand (or first dick) experience?

Shit, regardless of age, there’s not a guy in the world who hasn’t had a problem with blowing his load prematurely at one point or another. Anyway, on to the answer. Whacking off before your date will definitely help. I can also go about three or four times longer during round two with a chic. Another tip would be to buy the thickest rubbers you can find. I prefer Trojans myself. You’ll be a lot less sensitive. The final tip is pull out before you’re about to explode. I’ve always found that if I pull out right before I’m about to nut and calm down a bit and just do a little extended foreplay, I can go back in after a minute or two and keep going for a bit. Also, as a final note, keep in mind that some chics don’t even care about premature ejaculation the first several times around. If you nut early, they think that they’re getting you really excited and doing their jobs well. There’s almost nothing more demeaning to a girl (in my experience) than when she feels like her guy isn’t attracted to her sexually. A few things to keep in mind…

It will not help you for this weekend, but look up Kegel exercises on the web. Do them for a few months and you will not have to worry about this again.

Yeah bro, take the other’s advice about relaxing and enjoying it. Sex isn’t about lasting the longest, it’s about all the fun and good feelings. And if you’re too busy thinking about race cars or homework, then you’re not really enjoying it to its fullest effect.

Now, there are some things you can do so you don’t blow your load to soon. And cleaning the pipes is one of them. Also, work on pleasing her first. If she’s satisified, then it won’t matter as much if you blow your load too soon. She’ll be happy that you took the time to pleasure her first. And you’ll be happy when you blow your load anyway! Besides, who’s to say you can’t go for round two or three a little while later??? On those days when I blow my load too soon, I come back 10 minutes later with a lot more staying power. Once the jitters are out, it’s all good! :slight_smile: Besides, I eat pussy for so long and pleasure so well, most women are already quite happy by the time intercourse begins.

This is slightly off-topic, but are you two separated by distance and that’s why you’re so lacking in the spontaneity department, or you both tech workers who’ve schedule this little interlude on your Palm Pilots? (I can see the entry now… “Don’t forget to boink Janey this weekend. Also, check on T-mag this Monday for orgasm delay tips!”)

c’mon man make beleive your at home in your bedroom and your momma is next door to you. Now make beleive your jerking off as most KIDS do.Then see mommas face as she walks in and catches you. Hehehehehehe. Man if you gotta ask this stuff then you are way to young for this.

Sure antidepressents work for staying power, however that is a side effect and would not suggest it for that is not its intended use. There is an easy way to fix this problem. Go down and viciously eat her pussy. Make her cum once or twice before you ever penetrate. That is garaunteed satisfaction for her, then it really won’t matter if you have ‘staying power’. If it’s the first time, you probably won’t have stayting power 'cause it will be all exciting and new. But if you satisfy her first, you win no matter what. It shows her your concerned about her enjoyment and not just treatting her like a sperm depository. If you ever marry her, you will have more staying power than you’ll ever want. I trying to fit my sex in during comercials so I don’t miss “Baseball Tonight” or “NHL Tonight”, I really hate it when I miss a good play.

My bad Ryan…I honestly didn’t know that…ya learn something new every day. LMAO about scheduling the boinking on the palm pilot!! It is posts like this that make me SO damn happy to be married…if the day ever came that the Vixen and I had to schedule sex (unless it is a special sexual escapade / getaway)…well I am hanging up my testicles!!! This poor dude is gonna think about this all week and end up with the worst case of performance anxiety…thats why I wouldnt recomend cleaning the pipes first…if you got this scheduled THIS far out bro…your gonna be a wreck by this weekend…and jerkin off junior…is just gonna make it worse!! Bro is gonna need starch and a couple of popsicle sticks by this weekend he is gonna be so wired out!! Please please…listen to everyone here…remember you got at least 3 other soldiers you are bringing into battle with ya…2 hands and one tounge…use them all well, and take some of the pressure off of Junior there…or he ain’t gonna work!!! and always remember what the Vixen says…it aint the length…it aint the size…its the number of times you can make it rise baby!!

Hey ryan, have you found that the SSRI’s increase the time it takes to get a 2nd erection?

My husband has a suggestion for you. He says think “deadpuppiesdeadpuppiesdeadpuppiesdeadpuppiesdeadpuppiesdeadpuppiesdeadpuppies” you get the point. Seriously, make her satisfied first, and then your problems are solved. If you do finish too soon, do SOMETHING to help her finish too. Don’t just leave the poor girl cold.

if you want to go the legal route, tribex will make you feel like you’re 16 again…or if you want to go a different route try “g”, you’ll feel like superman…

DUDE, you want the best tip you’ll ever hear? Then jizz first before actual intercourse. Get her to give u a bj and cum and then eat her our or delay with foreplay till u can get hard, presuming u can get a hardon again pretty quickly. For me it almost works to good cuz i can never finish the second time around!

Think about baseball. Try to remember the starting lineup of your favorite team. This will keep you from thinking of too many images that will make you bust early. Just don’t say the players names out loud or she’ll wonder about you.