longer duration Mag-10 users

I’m hoping to get a little feedback from those who have gone longer than the 2 week Mag-10 cycle recommendation. How did the gains measure out? Wonder, Bill R., if you have any updated position on the efficacy of 3-4 week cycles based on what you’ve heard so far?

My overall opinion, not based on MAG-10 results but on pharmaceutical steroid cycles, is that if you’re going to miss the window
of especially fast recovery that you have at 2 weeks, you might as well go on for a 6 or 8 week cycle.

If one were to go for a 6-8 week cycle of Mag-10, what would the off period be?

i was on it for 4 weeks total. the first 2 weeks i did one dose a day. the next two weeks were 2 doses a day. the first two weeks i didn’t notice any positive change. the second two weeks with double doses, were major growth weeks !! it’s my opinion, for myself, to just do 2 weeks/two doses a day, next time.

usually you want your off time double your on time, so if you do a 6 week cycle, then go 12 weeks off. Currently I am in for the long haul, an 8 week cycle, but I am dieting. I am at the end of week 4. my weight has not dropped drastically maybe 5lbs, but I am significatnly leaner, and have not lost any lbm. my strength is going up in most areas gradually, nothing major, as is my stamina. my calries are at high 2400 and low 1500/day, currently I am averaging 1800cal/day.

I am beginning my fourth week of Mag-10 and have planned to go the straight six. I almost don’t feel anything, no “on” feeling like a true stack. However, my legs get pumped very easily, even from riding a bike. Began at 193lbs and today weighed in at 202lbs. 9lbs so far. I am really hoping for 15-20 total. Oh yeah, I am also running clomid throughout, M post cycle, then Tribex to follow. I have also ran a bottle of Tribex through weeks 3 and 4 as a sort of HCG.