Longer Cycle at Low Dose's

I am currently running tri blend wich is testcyp100mg test ene100mg and test prop50mg.Its an hrt product.and deca300 once every 5 days.at a dose that low i think I will be fine running it for 12 weeks or a little longer. i make great gains on low doses anyway so i figure what the hell I seem to make the same gains in the end. Is this ok or am I pushing it?

It isnt pushing it… test/deca are not toxic… the only thing is your HPTA will shut down hard after 8-10 weeks… but if you are on TRT, then you dont need that part of the brain…!

You will be fine at 12 weeks. That is actually a very common cycle length. As Brook mentioned you will get shutdown so make sure to have a proper PCT set up. Also note the different clearence times for the deca and test esters, plan accordingly.

Okay i p[lan to run a three month cycle which will no doubt shut down hpta causing testicular atrophy.

I plan to blast and cruise blast 400mgs of test cyp. 400e.q 200 deca.

No pct trt i’ll run at 200mgs for at least two months before next cycle could i hold off on the h.c.g until the trt therapy.

Or by this time would it prove useless in bringing the boy’s back to life.

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If you cant run HCG throughout, then for the duration of the last blast should suffice IMO.

They have plumped my lads up after a long time being atrophied before…

But remember, it is only 1 third of the HPTA, so after you have the testicular axis up and running, you need to get the H+P to replace the HCG using nolvadex and an extended test taper…


If your going to inject only once every 5 days then ditch the blend and go for some strait cyp. Which I still would inject more often than that.



would I be better of waiting longer between injection?

[quote]forcedrep24 wrote:
would I be better of waiting longer between injection?[/quote]

Longer between injections of what?
Prop is best administered EOD. CYP and Enanthate are good E3D or biweekly. I believe Deca can be shot every 5 days or so. It is safe to say that regardless of the compound its better to inject more often than less often.

Make sure you get that gyno under control. Stock up on some Arimidex BEFORE your first injection of this cycle.

I only had a gyno flair once on my first cycle ever that was many years ago then it comletely went away and I didnt do anything gear wise again for another year and it never returned and iv don everything in very high doses.will it go away again?

should I run nov or arim with the t,d cycle or in the middle or after or all the time and after?