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Longer Bar Sleeve Length


Currently I’m using a rogue barbell with rogue bumper plates and it barely fits 5 plates on each side. Instead of getting thinner bumper plates I was wondering if there was a special bar I could buy with a longer sleeve length.


Shop around, nobody sells equipment on this forum.


I understand
Im looking for HELPFUL ADVICE though
Perhaps the name of a bar type with a longer sleeve
or a company who makes longer bar sleeves
Something along those lines


possibly use two smaller metal plates on the ends most weighlifting bars are 2.2 meters long 7.2 feet .

Unless your cleaning or snatching huge weights (or perhaps clean or snatch pulling) 2 metal plates should make too much difference for squats or deadlifts. I use them at the gym with one bumper plate either side when I do deadlifts and the rest metal plates.
Fortunately the other gym has thin rubber plates (also only up to 220kg) so use a plastic coated plate on the ends.


What is your main focus? Powerlifting or Weightlifting?


Thanks guys I guess the only solution is getting some thinner plates