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long workouts and body temperature

Today I pushed my workout to 75 minutes, which I don’t ordinarily do, but since the rest periods were a bit longer than usual and I was consuming carbs in between sets, I decided to go for it. By my second to last set, the mental intensity was flagging. Suddenly I got incredibly warm, as though I got a fever. I felt uncomfotably hot but successfully finished my last set. It went away after I stopped the workout. Can anyone explain this?

did your throat start hurting? Were you sick the next day?

Sounds like overtraining to me. I know that body temperature and heart rate can be indicators of overtraining. I know when I am behind on sleep and have trained hard my body temperature soars up and I usually notice my heart rate goes up as well. However it usually lasts until I catch up on my sleep. Now being dehydrated can also effect heart rate and I’m guessing body temperature as well. I know that I need extra water when I’m behind on sleep. All that being said possibly you were only slightly in the realm of being overtrained and this workout exacerbated the situtation. Then your recovery drink rectified this after training stopped. Or I’m pulling stuff out of my ass. Regardless I need more sleep. Ciao. :slight_smile:

No, I feel fine today. I took some extra Vitamin C last night. I hope I’m not overtraining. I’ve been able to do an extra rep or lift an extra pound each workout.