Long Work Hours and Energy/Recovery

I am 25, 6’0, 197lb give or take. been lifting for 8 years. Didn’t eat enough to make Any size gains for the first 4 or 5 yrs. (135lb to 145.) From 23 to 25 I’ve gone from 145 to 197 and I am currently at 14% bf.
My weekly routine is always changing. I mix it up between 5/3/1 to 4x10’s, 6x5’s and do a variety of different workouts to keep from “getting use to it”
I most always make it to the gym at least 4 times per week and hit each muscle group once per week.

But here’s my question/dilemma;

With the new job I work, I travel for welding. Most days are at least 10 hr or more. Sometimes up to 16 or 18 if I work a 12 and then drive to the next job.

this greatly affects my performance in the gym.
a lot of times it is choosing between the extra hour and a half of sleep or making it to the gym. and I tried to get at least 7 hours of sleep each night.

even on weeks where I just work 10-hour days I still work 50 or 60 hours manual labor. and can tell when I’m in the gym that my body is tired.

Are there any recomendations for supplements that will make a difference with fatigue, or endurance?
I know I can do way more work in the gym if I have a week off work. I kill the weights and recoverway quicker.

the only current supplements I am taking are my pre workout, creatine mono, and I mix up a whey protein shake right after my workout.

I am not cutting or necessarily bulking at the moment, as I do not see any need to go any higher in bf% . Just making steady weight gain while keeping bf right around 14

If your body is that physically tired after working, I would try having a protein shake before your start work or when you are on lunch. Other than that, sometimes taking an extra day off from working out at the gym can help you more than just pushing through it.