Long Weekend and Workout Scheduling

Hi coach,
I just started your Simple, Guaranteed Strength and Size last week and as I’m sure you know next Monday is Canada day. I will be away at my cottage for the long weekend unable to use a gym for Saturday, Sunday, Monday.
I’m wondering what I should do about the second two workouts of the week, the higher volume ones.
Normally I workout Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Friday. But I will not be able Sunday or Monday, so how should I schedule it?
Should I skip a day or two?
Or workout Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday?
I cannot workout on Saturdays ever.

Honestly, for a week, just skip the workouts.

Thanks a lot!
Is there a preference if it should be the 5 set day of lower or the 5 set day of upper?

Skip the workouts that you need the least (e.g. hitting a weakness)

Great, thanks so much for your help!

You won’t loose gain because you can’t go to the gym for 3 days man…

do some push up, go to a park and do some pull up or sprint if you’r scare to lose all your gainz

Not worried about that lol
It’s just that the program builds off of 2 days lower volume then 2 days higher volume. If I’m not having 1 or neither of the higher volume, then it kind of messes with the progression.

it won’t kill the progression because you miss one or two workout 1-2 times / 365 days …

That would be true in an ideal situation, but the past month i had exams and got really sick after this,
I was lifting but not with the routine that i should be.