Long Walk Before Squats

I am living 2.5 km away from gym and have to walk about 30 minutes before hitting gym

does this much walking have any negative effect on my training

I train only squat deadlift and clean and jerk with weights but bodyweight for other parts

I don’t think or at least I hope so because I walk like 6 hours a day

Does it matter whether or not it has an effect if it’s your only option?


I don’t think its a big deal, and if anything it’ll keep you lean.

I used to walk that distance to and from my old gym before I got a car, and it def helped me stay lean. Id suggest adjusting your weights accordingly if you have trouble with recovery tho.

Soo if walking is your only option but it’s detrimental would you stop going to the gym?

5km walk is less than 18 holes of golf which 70yos do.

If you ran to the gym, it would probably make you a little weaker when lifting. Since you’re walking, I don’t think it’ll decrease your lifts. If you find you’re low on energy, take a small snack to eat or drink just before you lift or while you’re exercising.

Tom Platz use to ride a bicycle to the gym before every workout. Walking is a lot less draining. If you were trying to beat world record I might recommend against it as at that level even something that MIGHT make a 0.1% should be avoided but in your case I wouldn’t worry about it.

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Off-topic but related - you all ever see the training camp videos where Terrell Owens would drive from the dorms across the parking lot to the practice field to “keep his legs fresh” that 100m? Then he’d run on the sand dunes all evening after camp. That guy was both hilarious and a beast


Walking can be also used as a small warmup for the joints.Could be usefull in the winter too.

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