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Long Travel with hCG. Need Help


I am going to Europe next week from Canada, my travel will be about 20 hours. it is going to be by plane then by train.

  1. How can I keep the hCG cold enough and travel with it through the security? I have a prescription from the doctor.

Should I take the entire vials of T and hCG?
I was planning on gathering my syringes and vials together.

  1. What container should I use for all of this? I was thinking about bringing it with me as a carry on.

Thank you very much

How long are you going to be gone for? If not more than a week to 10 days, I wouldn’t pack any of it with me, simply not worth the hassle. Missing a dose or two won’t affect you that much.

If you’re going to be gone for an extended time, I’d pack some sort of insulated cooler or water bottle holder with one of the cold packs or whatever. That should keep it cold for a pretty good while.

I will be gone for 14 days.
I bought a FRIO cooling wallet but I realized too late that it keeps the hCG between 77 and 79° F…

Can I keep reconstituted hCG at this temperature for 40 hours?

Take a kit with you and reconstitute there is an option, but a 10K vile lasts so long that you have the same problem coming back home.

Honestly I don’t think I’d bother with the HCG for that amount of time. Your test would be easier to transport and would likely have more effect on how you felt during your travel.

I just wanted to tell you that I went to Europe with my hCG without any issue.
I bought an insulin wallet and kept the vial with me during the trip.
Thank you for your answers.

Mind linking me the wallet you used?

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I bought this when I was in Canada, it’s an insulin cooling wallet from FRIO.
The “Mini Wallet” model: https://www.frioinsulincoolingcase.com/frio-mini-wallet.html

That’s interesting. They don’t give much detail on the site there. How does it keep the hcg cool? How long does it last?