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Long Training Sessions


On the weekends I've got a bjj/striking class that goes about 2.5-3hrs without much of a break.

I'm pumped about this b/c it really keeps my conditioning up there. I have a short break between the two classes, I'll usually be drinking some gatorade + BCAA's here and putting my wraps/gloves on.

Is there anything else I can drink/take that will ensure I'm not going to waste away during this training? I have a good breakfast about 1.5hrs before; but nothing too heavy & I eat like a mad man afterwards.

Thoughts guys?


Not that I can think of. Anything heavier than water generally makes me puke. I do my eating afterwards.


Our system is also big on long grueling sessions with few breaks.

Clif Shot Bloks are my first choice, they let you chew, but disappear in your stomach & get quickly into your system so you can train & still feel light. Bites of Lara Bars in Banana Bread or Cherry Pie are also good, neither flavor is too sweet.

Have the packages already opened & sitting there so you can just grab one Blok or one bite of a bar & wash it down with a swallow of the drink you were already about to take. Teensy bits of nourishment frequently should keep you from getting sick.

Have also had good luck with Surge Workout Fuel.


I have 2-3 hour classes, and like you eat an hour to an hour and a half before practice. At first I couldn't eat anything too heavy cuz I'd puke, but after a couple weeks I adjusted and could eat a more substantial meal without issue. Between classes/during breaks, I'll munch on some fruit. Then I'll eat a pretty good sized meal afterwards.

As long as you eat enough throughout the day, a few hours of intense training a week won't make you waste away.