Long Time Since Testing - Posting Odd Results

Hey folks its been a long time since i’ve posted, things have been pretty good, and I still feel god regardless of results, but could be better.

My current protocol:

40ml test cyp Friday morning, and Monday night.
Grain of sand size exemestane Saturday morning, and Tuesday night.

Week of Christmas holiday.

Missed a dose of test cyp Monday night, so I took it Tuesday night. Took Exemestane Wednesday night.

Took next normal dose Friday morning, and missed exemestane dose Saturday, took it Sunday morning. Monday dose normal.

labs below. It appears that my test is low, used to be 720’s. My DHT seems low as well, including my estrodial.

Wondering if any one has any insight, is missing my dose really that severe? Or should I look into making some change?

Name Value Units Range
Estradiol 17.70 pg/ml 7.6-42

Name Value Units Range
Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA)121.00 ng/dl 31-701

Name Value Units
Dihydrotestosterone 17.00 ng/d

Name Value Units Range
Testosterone, Serum 414.00 ng/dl 348-119

Name Value Units Range
TSH 4.27 uIU/ml 0.450-4.500 F
T4,Free(Direct) 12/26/2014 1.01 ng/dl 0.82-1.77

TSH is even higher and fT4 is still low. You did not respond to my questions in September.

  • iodine deficiency?
  • low body temperatures?

Your DHEA is low and you should supplement. Pregnenolone may be low from testes shut down.

If you are feeling OK, then do nothing, labs may be messed up from dosing issues.