Long time reader

T-nation, I’ve been a long time reader and user of your site. I’ve been lifting daily for the past 4 years, after retiring from the U.S.Air Force.
Your site is a no bull approach to lifting, supplements, and general information on body building. I work out in our companies fitness center, and have told several people about your site, and have encouraged them to visit it. Along with that I’ve also helped some people get the right stuff.
Well I would realy appreacite a cool “T-Nation” shirt, to show everyone I walk the talk.


Use email and not the forum if you want to beg Bama.

Yes, use a direct personal email to TC. He’s a sucker for shameless plugs…and tight jeans.

Reserve the forums for begging for T-Jacked review merchandise. Thank you. :slight_smile:

I could suuuuure give you a good review for a pair of those 1-ton hooks Shugart daddy. hehehe No, I dont need them to deadlift big weight, I just want to use them for educational, uh, oh shut up.